The Fate of The MURDER NOVA In NPK – No Prep News Episode 156

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  1. Wonder if Shawn will drive OG murder nova or the murder nova he’s driving for NPK for the small tire mega cash days after NPK is finished. I feel Shawn could do really well in small tire cash days with the combo he has rite now

  2. I had no idea he crashed, and I agree with other comments I am a huge fan of 187 but their program needs to be changed up, turbos sad to say isn’t gonna win it for them

  3. Shawn hasn’t broke out the OG murder nova he said he’s not sure if he will break it out this year or now of NPK. Wouldn’t be surprised if there getting it ready for cash days coming up

  4. Hey sim he broke an oil line got on the tires was on 3 wheels hit the wall and skinned the side already just about fixed. I like shawn but that car hasn't been consistent since it was built it didn't work on the street and he's really struggling with npk plus he's been getting help from Ryan Steve p and daddy d the car has gotten better but still not good enough witch sucks would like for him to get a win. As far as the og he's has to get used to that setup they did some testing but he wasn't happy with the test one they get it dailed in he should have a good hotrod. As always keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  5. Npk blew an oil line testing. Shawn swiped the wall. It'll be repaired and racing next week. Og isn't npk ready especially considering they don't have a spare engine and they're more likely getting it for for small tire mega cash days

  6. They always say the O.G. car has a better chassis and now a truly awesome engine. I think they need to test with that car and see what they can do. It's hard to 60' a turbo car and keep up in the 1/8th mile. Seems like it would be great in the 1/4 though

  7. I’ve been a murder nova fan from the beginning. Truth is he hasn’t won a single event since he parted ways from Midwest Street cars. He used to be hard-core but no matter what he says the actions show that he’s been OK with losing for some years now. After all of these NPK seasons he hasn’t even won a single event much less a championship. That must be cool with the sponsors who keep dishing out the money. I Wouldn’t give another dime until he started winning again

  8. I have it from Shawn that the OG Murder Nova is not as fast as the NPK Nova. He said that the OG will not be at NPK this year. I had asked him if the OG with its 60ft is faster than the NPK Nova. His comment was the NPK Nova is faster everywhere from the 60-660 by a few numbers and has a way faster top speed. So if the OG has done 3.90's then the NPK Nova is doing 3.70's. we have heard that when the track gets good Ryan will run 3.60's . I think with Ryan's old setup the OG would have problems running 3.70's or Ryan would not have upgraded the gray car. And with the mega Cash days being small tire and they need to test both the fireball and the OG Murder Nova will be on small tires for the show.

  9. If big cheif would come back and help Shawn he would win. When is the last time you see muder nova do good. Ill tell you when big cheif was tuning his car for him.

  10. Sad to say. But chief had Shawn’s back when he wore the crown on the list , but he can’t compete with Ryan Lizzy Kye Kelly . I wish chief would no prep.

  11. i agree with window licker. but i still love to see shawn get things to all align an the team start winning like the way we all no he can

  12. I'd like to see Shawn change to a newer body style. One more areodynamics or the tracks. Maybe take the Nova and make it small tire. He definitely needs to do something different snd maybe hire someone who is smart in programming his car. I haven't never seen Shawn on top as a winner like Ryan except I remember him talking about being #1 on the street before I started watching Street Outlaws. I don't care what he really does for the show but it's time for him, Chuck and Dominator to do something totally different. Shawn loves the Murder Nova and never did care much for the other car. At least Doc is trying a newer style car and hope he figures it out.

  13. Why is it everything Sim's posts about NPK & or street outlaws is negative , I mean we know your Chiefs boy and all but come on just because he has exited the show doesn't mean you have to be always negative about them .

  14. I think the combo he’s using is not top notch like other racers look what’s going on with racers that are stuck in old combos as technology advances !!!! They’re not doing so great (maybe 1/4 mile and not top end !!!!….. I think Shawn needs better tuning , but he’s trying to learn as he goes . Even lutz is staying behind slowly because he hasn’t updated his combo… look at daddy’s Dave car ! He updated his car chasis and combo and he’s doing awesome 👏 👏. The other 405’s are slowly changing because they can’t stay stuck behind if they don’t change their setup as technology advances and probably don’t want to copy cat Ryan; so they’re trying their own setup .. trial and error as you test 😅.

  15. The reason Shawn took the new Car of the streets he couldn't get it to go straight that's fixed now that thing would rip up the street and the og on the track with a hemmi thats how I hopehe does it.

  16. I like Shaun but the only time his ever won anything including cash 💸 days 5 times is due to big chief tuning his car only chief & Lutz and Ryan have ever won a NPK Race and chief won with the lest equipment on the day beating key bird bros axman vixen and many more in Colorado there was a time when chief wanted to beat everyone now the 405 work to help Ryan win # if chief had Lutz GTO or Shaun's NPK CAR HILL BE RACING 4 the money 💰 most week's

  17. Shawn needs a crew chief. It's impossible for he and Phantom to run a winning team alone. Shawn has too many obligations when he's at the track with the fans, worrying about driving and basically looking over the entire program. He has the car, he can drive, but lacks the consistency a crew chief would bring to the program.

  18. Dude u say a lot shit about Ryan is the only 405 guy who goes rounds or win race's so here is someone who talks about NPK &RACING but doesn't even get yo facks right daddy dave is the only other 405 who goes rounds and a lot of races is in the simi finals or FINALS dave has beaten Ryan kye and Jerry bird Scott Taylor just last episode in great 8 but u didn't see that right

  19. The Murder Nova hasn’t been up front in a couple of years when Shawn and Big Chief spilt Shawn/Murder Nova went down hill, calling as it can be seen.

  20. Shawn’s laughing all the way to the bank. He hasn’t won anything since he split with cheif. He shows up and collects checks. If he wins it’s just a bonus.

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