The Fate of The 405 List – Watching The New Episodes of Street Outlaws and Mega Cash Days!


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  1. Street Outlaws "musical chairs"! Dave, Ryan, Chief, Monza, Lutz, Chuck… one of them will NOT be going to the Nationwide Top 20! Then there's Doc (no car since the crash?), Dominator (inconsistent), Shawn (inconsistent), Dustin Bowen (just arrived). If the local 405 list is getting eliminated, what happens to these guys raises more questions than what we'll be looking forward to with any Nationwide Top 20!

  2. Big queefs head has finally got too big, I used to like him he was my favorite but he is a major let down ever since the crash with chucky Davis he ain't been the same, why u think him and shawn arnt really friends anymore? cause cheif ain't a good person, he ditches his wife and kids completely to be a racer then not even a whole season later there is just jackie and more and more cheif had become a deadbeat dad and an asshole racer. He wants to claim team 405 and all that but he is always the first to leave when he loses, he agrees to things as a team then come race night oh guess what cheif didn't switch to small tires like everyone else did, really the 405 is a great team without cheif. I absolutely hated JJ and Memphis because of their hussle but damned if u cant say something about what an amazing team they are. Cheif has turned into a selfish asshole whose head is too big and it seems whenever cheif ain't around the rest of the 405 shines together

  3. Sim another great show I still can't get an answer why do they have cars parked down along the road where they can get freaking slammed into by a race car

  4. Where was David Bird Jones at the Mega event? His cars would have been great there. Next year WATER BURNOUT ONLY. All that soap and glue is sad.

  5. Hey Sim Can you explain to me what happened to Boosted GT? He was on the list and Damon never raced him after KamiKaze crashed. But yet Damon was in Nebraska and Boosted wasn't.

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