The FASTEST Tesla Model S Plaid in the World! (He beat Jay Leno’s Record!)

NEW WORLD RECORD! The new 1/4 mile Tesla record set in St Louis 7/24/21 at MITM Elite.
The Tesla Model S Plaid is the highest performing sedan ever built. With a 0-60 time of just 2 seconds, it’s no surprise Jay Leno ran a 9.24 last month in his Plaid. But that’s not enough for Chad Roberson, owner of the (now) fastest Plaid in the world. What did it take to go faster than Jay? Well, since modifying these cars is next to impossible, Chad had to get creative with weight reduction. You’ll just have to watch the video to see how everything went down!

Follow Chad’s future adventures in his Model S Plaid:

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  1. For decades our American car companies fail to deliver against the Super car markets, today Tesla destroyed in one single move everyone out there, it doesn't have the cool factor but…who cares! When not even a McLaren can out run you, well…that's enough cool factor to me! Now Chevy, Ford and Dodge needs to learn from this, quick investing in advertising, build better cars and our satisfactions will be you true publicity. The future is here! Unbelievable! Didn't think I was going to live long enough!

  2. It's badass but at a thousand plus HP how long does it take to charge that , how long does the bcharge last? then you have to charge it for what ?20 hours????? It's awesome but inconvenient…for me anyway, I LOVE it though,, I guess it's for people that are NOT me 🤣🤣✌

  3. Everyone I know that owns a Tesla long term loses interest after they get used to the crazy acceleration. The best description I got was it’s like a party trick. Personally I don’t feel electric cars have a soul. There is no heart in it. That’s just my opinion.

  4. I bet the cooler night temps help with this car because the prep is less sticky. Day time runs have got to be generating more rolling resistance on those big front tires. Since it's not even really traction limited on regular pavement it's not going to hurt it at all if the prep isn't as good at the launch.

  5. Electric cars will HELP keep the ICE cars alive and well. Companies will always make muscle cars for the petrol heads. Everyone needs to own an electric car to help make countries non dependent to oil and do their part for this planet. But gasoline/oil will never Go away. Doesn't mean we can have best od BOTH worlds.

  6. Just Googled this Testla Plaid and Loaded….AND JUST FOR YOU TODAY IT'S $130.000 GRAND…..But HURRY I only have one left just for you…. Seriously it's $130 Grand…..SO BIDEN STICK YOUR THOUGHTS OF EVERYONE GOING ELECTRIC UP YOUR DIAPERED ASS..

  7. E2 carbon fiber rims are a must in this situation. They claim a 5.3% better lap time and a weight savings of 10Ibs a wheel. There site has them for $10k but other sites selling their products are for $7k.

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