The FASTEST I've ever Driven my 1200hp Audi R8! (FULL BOOST)

After diagnosing and fixing a spark plug issue, we’ve got the R8 back to full power just in time for the Kansas Airstrip Attack! The goal for the weekend was 200mph in the 1/2 mile, which turns out to be lot easier than expected! AMS Performance sure put together one heck of a twin turbo kit for this car. Who knew we’d go to the finals in our first race, then hit 200mph in the 1/2 mile at the next one?!

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  1. CMON GUYS YOUR WAISTING TIME! If only y'all knew how to use a Fluke 123 you could compare the fire/spark line of all 10 coils by simply back probing 1 coil. As well as testing the injectors all in the time it takes to pull and bench test 1 coil.

  2. Uhhh! You might want to get a windscreen sponsor real quick or start using that NASCAR plastic rip off tape to protect your windscreen.😳😢💰💰💰

  3. I don’t understand why Americans like Toyo tires so much you guys do understand that then made from old tires recycled tires

  4. Kyle I think its time to get a chute!! Great seeing you and I'm glad I was there – it's so awesome seeing you so happy with your R8!

  5. Oh my God I can't believe I put so much money into an Audi R8 and it's fast like who the hell is this guy hasn't he been around these kind of cars before doesn't he know about Audi R8 why is he so surprised

  6. Try a ppf film on the next windscreen to protect it from those rockchips. Might do less damage with an extra protection layer

  7. Kyle,my manz,I gotta say,YOU THE SHIZNITT BRO!!💯🍻👍🏾
    Been here from the beginning with you and you're the straight up BOSS of this ish bro,FACTS🏁🏆🦅

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