The End of Street Outlaws As We Know It, A Great Divide in Street Outlaws – No Prep News Episode 113

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  1. Great video as always sim👌 I hope there is no split. But if there is the npk guys will stay full npk there is more money to be made. It would be a sad day if that happens. The street racing is way better then npk in my opinion. But that could also open the doors to some new drivers.

  2. You know you talk about how long it takes for NPK saying it takes up most of the year March to October is Does not. It starts in June the drivers first race is in June 4&5 this year in Florida and the last race was October 15th and 16th but there’s only 1 race in August and 2 in September and October. They only race 14 races 13 out of 52 weekends a year. They have time. So there’s 3 weekends in august to add races and 4 in sept and October. So 7 races and it’ll still take up the same time. Of course they aren’t going to add that many but there’s room. I don’t know if they ever made up the Washington race if so that’s 14. If you notice they are not in order this season on TV or next week is the finals. Cause ennis is the finals and they are in Ennis right now this week in team attack.

  3. Hey thoughts are this..I really don't see a divide because of the simple fact lots of driver have 2 cars one for the streets one for no I really don't see any divide happening no time soon anyways. Great video as alwas keep up the good work ttve!

  4. The entire purpose of “street” outlaws, or street/no prep racing in general, is to level the playing field via no radial or slick prep and no huge sanctioning body (nhra/ihra) enforcing rules/licensure status/etc. Street racing/no prep racing is cheating in general, look at regular no prep small tire stuff- factory front frame rail, factory fire wall, sky is the limit for everything else. Why complain about “rules” in a racing series you yourselves created to get away from rules

  5. NPK is fast becoming'The Real Housewives of Drag Racing', placing "conflict" above the actual racing. The rivalry built from competition is enough to keep a show going, manufactured "rivalry" diminishes the show, but it does follow the predictable pattern of "Reality TV". Limpy's Cash Days events have less drama and seem to run far smoother than NPK.

  6. It's a tv show. You've been following them enough to know it's about drama and racing. I think you've missed the whole purpose of street outlaws NPK. NPK does it better than anyone else. There isn't a better racing series. I dont keep up with your videos, but I mention Paige coming to NPK next year

  7. The whole protest thing has always happened in drag racing. Protests happen from Top Fuel down to the bracket racers. It's in all competition really. The guys in the pits usually know what's going down but the sanctioning body might not be in the loop

  8. Some drivers deciding to choose one or the other is already happening. One example is Axman. He has decided to stick with JJ and running on the street or the occasional JJ's Armdrop events. Even though the racers receive decent compensation for filming the various shows it gets stressful because of all the hits that the cars are subjected to causes a scenario where "normal wear and tear" is being accelerated to a point that the compensation doesn't quite cover multiple engines and transmissions not to mention all of the time and work required to replace all of those things. So deciding to do one or the other is just a smart move that makes for a more enjoyable season for the drivers and the mechanics. As Axman mentioned, sense deciding to not do NPK and stick to his roots and with JJ it is less stressful, less pressure and " I am enjoying racing again". I suspect there will be more drivers picking and choosing a specific path instead of trying to do all of the different types of shows. Because after talking to many of the racers this last year it's not hard to see and get the impression that the schedule of trying to do everything is really starting to wear on them and you can hear the exhaustion in there voice. I mean how could it not wear on you. I only traveled to 7 different drag racing events some of them being 2 day events covering nearly 8000 miles. But adding 4 other car shows, hot air balloon festival, Hydroplane boat racing 2 day event, Kiss concert, 2 State fairs, 3 PBA bowling tournaments and running my business during all of that it started to get exhausting even for me and I am not thrashing on cars that run literally on the ragged edge. By November you could tell it was starting to wear on them.

  9. Bro all racing, all Motorsport racing, rules are put in place and expected to be followed. All grown men. To many participants to in all racing to babysit adults to make sure they follow the rules. Certain rules fine, like weight and power adders.

  10. I am so sick of NPK. Hell I’m about sick of where the whole series has gone period. Get these guys back to real street racing with real cars. Not tracks and pro mods, they wanna do that join NHRA. But hey just my opinion.

  11. If I had to choose between NPK and the OG show there is no comparison! Just getting to watch those guys do what they love and see a little of their more personal side of the story’s. P.s. I miss the hell out of Farmtruck and Azn!! Keep up the good work Simm!

  12. You're not taking into account because apparently you're not intelligent enough to know that it takes two different cars run Street and run no prep if you'll notice if you watch any videos out on his people to having to readjust their cars completely they have that detune them change set up on their chassis so apparently you're not paying attention to what is going on whatsoever you talk a good line but if you were paying attention you want me spouting off a bunch of garbage

  13. you've obviously never been involved with organized racing because protests always happen at the event, otherwise you're just allowing an alleged cheater to win without question.

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