The End of Street Outlaws and What Will Come Next – Street Race Talk Episode 316

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  1. The 405 show has essentially been over for at least a couple of years now if not longer. The show is not really about racing and more about drama and games with the same 3-4 top drivers dominating and the rest are just filler. If we're lucky we get 3-4 races per show, maybe 5, with a basically static 10 car list with rules made to protect spots and not force racing. The show is completely stagnant. Every spot should race every week, no exceptions.

  2. Hey sim you did an amazing job on the interview nothing to worry about my friend. As far as street outlaws goes these guys were all street racing before the show if it ended today they would be racing on the street tomorrow I really don't think it's going anywhere yet plus like you said practically they all have ( Y T ) channels. As always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  3. Sim, again great interview with FnA! I do believe you need to get Murder Nova on next. Hell they sent you a bad ass talking peice out of the OG car!
    I think the Racers are making money and promoting the TV show on their Utube channels. Its a win, win, win, for all of us!
    Just think how cool it is to see you favorite racer behind the scenes. If Street Outlaws tried to film all that content, the show would be to long to air and get good ratings.
    Remember when The Chief and Shawn show was a hit. They where shut down by Street Outlaws Producers and the Lawyers all the time.
    I think now since the show has grown into huge hit, the show has seen the benefits the racers Utube channel bring to the table. It helps keep the series to dominate the ratings. So its a win, win, win for all. Street Outlaws, the racers and the fans all win!
    Sorry so long, just my take on it.
    Keep up on knocking these interviews out of the park! The more you do, the easier they come natural to you.
    Just like when you started you Utube channel.

  4. I believe Team 187 Customs heading southern Texas 👉 TTVE
    I think Discovery won't stop Street outlaws. if they do, some other company will take over. some like Red Bull TV ?

  5. Pastor Dave here from tampa. You're doing awesome bro. So glad that you were able to finally get these interviews in for your channel man You deserve it. To answer your question for this week if Street Outlaws suddenly ended? That's easy, that would suck!!!!!! It has done a ton for racing And entertaining with some awesome cars

  6. Great job with the interview.  It was very professional.  I was wondering if it's common knowledge that the Oklahoma based 405 street outlaw top 10 list show is being replaced by the America's list show?  In the interview video at the 33:00 mark AZN was talking about how they got their spinoff show and he said it wasn't because of the dissolution of the Street Outlaw show and the creation of the America's list show.  That looked to me like he is saying that we are about to see the last top 10 405 list show.  Again this may be common knowledge to everyone but if it's true I'm going to miss the original Oklahoma based show.

  7. quick thought sim…. how about a chat with brandon james? a interview with a dude similar age and heavy hitter in no prep taking everyone out on americas list…. would be awesome to see his perspectives and start up

  8. I was watching murder Nova's video when they were taking off and phantom said they were going to the southern part of Texas or the some part of Texas

  9. I can't believe ppl still watch you. Pure click bait titles with zero news. Your content has gone dull and your hair is ridiculous lol

  10. Sim! Keep up the great work and one day you’ll be hosting street outlaws! In regards to the afterlife of SO…you’ll see some grow a bigger following after the show goes off and you’ll see some fall off the planet…they’ll still race, make appearances, etc…but not everyone is cut out to be a YouTuber i.e. Reaper! 😂

  11. The problem lies in if it's ever proven that they're breaking laws and putting it up on Youtube. Crime gets you no time because you get banned. Even the 1320 stuff has a time limit if you ask me.

    Saying "We're in Mexico" isn't going to cut it forever.

  12. I’ll be glad when they get rid of these shows there the reason the EPA is working on shutting down motorsports, I wanna build another race car but I can’t just go to the junkyard anymore to get a car to build I gotta build a Pro-mod style car which is a lot more expensive than converting a street car to a race car

  13. I can't speak to what exactly will spell the end of the filming of Street Outlaws and it's spinoffs, but if they rely solely on the current formula and fail to expand into an electric space, the entirety of the racing will be gone in a generation.

  14. I might be wrong but didn't Richard Rawlings leaving Discovery have a part in the guys from the show getting more freedom with youtube? im not sure?
    But… I agree some of the youtube content is way better than most shows.

    keep up the good work sim..

  15. Dude… Dude…. DUDE! Calm down Lol
    Ya talking way waaaay to fast! Calm down and talk a little slower and more clearly. You’ll get more out and it’ll be easier to understand 👍🏼

    Great content and like your YouTube channel keep up the good work buddy.

  16. Sorry to break it too you but it’s all staged, none of these guys built their cars, engines or their reputations. It’s fake. If it wasn’t then how come none of them have ever won a professional race? There’s faster cars out there……..🧐

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