The Drama and Animosity over Street Outlaws Race Night In America – Street Race Talk Episode 232

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  1. I have never said any of this is fake, I have just said that Memphis isn't real racing because JJ handpicks ducks to race against or he picks roads that he knows no one can get down if he races someone fast. He doesn't give a flying F about who is fastest, he cares about hustling people out money and looking a particular way to the cameras. I will watch the new show only if it doesn't have Memphis trash, fake racing. I want to see the fastest cars, going fast against each other, we don't need more of JJ Hollywooding to look good in front of the cameras and scamming and hustling for the win. That isn't racing that people want to see, just shut your mouth, line up on a decent surface and see which car is the fastest.

  2. I have watched your videos for a while now awsome info you have love Betsy cant wait to see you do more to the car. Excited to watch new show on tv.

  3. They only want the footage for multiple different angles and copyright laws. Discovery is very very smart and are not under any pressure what so ever.
    They also know how to get folks like you….. and me to make controversy and shake things up. Think big and look at the bigger PICTURE. Discovery and it's syndications equals trillions of dollars. Trip out on this…… How many times a day do say the words "DISCOVERY" and how many thousands watch you say it.?
    I love big chief and all the rest of the gang too. Funny thing is though…. without all the Sims and Social FREE media, how much controversy or as you say… "The people want to know" , would there be ? We make billion of dollars, "yes…you, too., for DISCOVERY every day for free. Spoiler alert!!!!
    Did you know Discovery has HUNDREDS of camera crews in Europe, Cuba, Dubai, Mexico and all over the world filming their "Big Chief" ? By the way Sim….. I know for a fact, you're going to be getting a call soon too!
    Fasten your seatbelt Big Boy.
    Derreck C Smith
    From CA to the Dirty Ga.

  4. Sim I agree with you if the guys didn't want their cars on film they wouldn't let a camera on their car so if they whine about seeing their car later on the Internet or TV while they should have said no to the camera and I say it's all good more stuff out there more young guys like you might build cars and get out there too so I say it's good on the internet and it's good on TV I just like drag racing and of course the number one channel ABC XYZ😁

  5. Absolutely no one is being shown on tv without them signing a release form. If they are bitching, it’s just to get more screen time. Watch something like Impractical Jokers they blur anyone who hasn’t signed that release.

  6. I don't know what azn and farmtruck have planned. But isn't the mistress(new one) a fiberglass body? Isn't birdman and Jeff lutz's new car a fiberglass body? Maybe he will give npk a shot.

  7. LOL!!!
    People are going to whine about being hung with a new rope!!!

    Everybody is wanting to be on TV, now they are fussing about THAT happening…
    Stay at home and let the MEN race..

    Keep up the good content, Simabcxyz!!! 👍😎

  8. SIM you sir are a gentleman and a scholar! I find your points are well researched and clearly thought-out. I appreciate the time and effort you put into your videos and your final products bear that out. Your interview with Chief was epic and I am glad he chose to use you as his vehicle to gets his points out.

  9. People calling others out for selling their video are the same type of people who don’t want to pay a cover charge to support their friends band. #hypocrites

  10. Sim check out my new hood for my 68 nova a L88 hood u never see them on a nova would love to see murder nova with one it would look sick as hell

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