The Biggest Problem with No Prep Kings – No Prep News Episode 116

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  1. Theres no way kye kelly and lizzi musi wiould go along with ryan just getting to be the winner or anybody else for that matter u see how kye talks about wanting to earn a win sll time and cant beat ryan yet no way in hell its rigged and the racers go along with it if all the racers got paid the same then maybe but some of the racers like swanstrom dont even get paid u think hes spending all that money for something he cant win cause of it being rigged no chance

  2. I want someone to explain then how Justin can lose to Ryan by inches at 200 mph? Or anyone that lost to any other driver by inches; they're great drivers but they're not that good. Ryan was just that good last year. Plus if it was 'fixed' don't you think the 405, half of which are under some contract with Discovery, would have done better than be also rans? Discovery would have had them do better to help the other shows along, or help NPKs. They run it heads up and whoever gets there first.

  3. Great video Sim. Really enjoyed the Discussion of the channel as always. I’m looking forward to 2022 with street talk racing and #SIMNATION. Keep up the good work I fell 2022 is going to be a great year for you and the channel. 👍😎✌️ TTVE 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁

  4. I actually haven’t seen an episode of NPK yet. I’ve followed the season online… working my way through the back catalogue first. S10 of the OG 405 show… then I guess I’ll pick another show and watch that.

  5. I don’t think they will go live because they can’t make the racers out to be the caricatures they want them to be cause you watch them on YouTube they aren’t the same person as they are made to be on tv because they can’t filter out what they want to

  6. The Street Outlaw races are real but they can pick what they air and what they don't. They can also twist a scenario to look the way they want it too. It's kinda like wrestling.

  7. While a variety of cars, power adders and winners makes it interesting. The fastest car/driver is the winner. Only commie woketards think differently. Being a "winner" isnt a designated role everbody gets a turn at.

  8. The level of competition that npk has produced, has created some clear differences in preparation. Some competitors are doing scheduled maintainance on par with nitro burners. X amount of passes, new parts. That creates a certain repeatability in the way the car performs. It also requires a steady source of funding. Which is why I think some people seem to win more often. Not to say that folks who aren't winning aren't doing the same level of maintainance. Drag racing is a humbling sport. But that said, it is still the most amount of fun you can have, win or lose.

  9. So the best as easy way to get away from the spoilers is, keep NPK as is like with the filming/editing. Then post it within that week of filming or maybe following week at max, but have a separate show with it like a jeff lutz or farmtruck and azn to make sure to have something in case. Or maybe some type of special. TTVE Always!!!💥💥👊🏼👊🏼✌🏼✌🏼

  10. What happens with the YouTube stats if I watch half and come back to watch the other half later? It counts as one full view?

  11. Sad thing is, Murder Nova has tge ABILITY to win a couple, but they can't keep from stepping on their own dick's..
    Don't get this wrong, they are one of my favorite team's.. I've spent more on their products than anyone else's..
    Hopefully they get a handle on it..
    THEN, TODAY'S video comes out and the OG car is having engine issues..
    Maybe it's time to leave the toys alone and work on their money 💰 makers..

  12. I follow a few people who stream live racing and even the smaller races they do takes 5hrs and if theres weather delays then more time each car needs 30 to 45 min to cool down and get ready for the nxt rd and to answer the run it and air it nxt day nhra films and shows things same day they tape most of it and show it in time to have the finals live so they could have a filming done by monday but weather could screw that up unless they were ok showing an old race in that case so they have options to do a more live thing

  13. On the topic of spoilers, yes you know who won but you don’t see all the races that took part in the overall event win. That reason alone is enough to watch on tv months later.

  14. Ya npk wouldn't work live I went to the Georgia event got there at 9am and it ended at around 2am. There is a lot of down time. And you can't control weather either. It rained so for like 2 hours doc just talked and answered tons of people's questions. But the also edit to much out there was so much more cool stuff that happened in Georgia that didn't make the show. The whole interview with murder nova after the race with the orange vett was epic and it didn't make the show

  15. Sim you do not want npk to follow nhra tv as a example . Some of the worst drag racing coverage , freelancers like you can and will do better with there imagination and dedication to the sport .

  16. Npk will never go live because of the time for cool down and not enough of other classes racing and never go pay preview because they would loss viewers who couldn't afford it and if they don't do something about Ryan winning all the time they will loss viewers because people don't want to see the same guy winning all the time

  17. Biggest problem with NPK events has always been the callouts. They should be for true grudges, but they never are. Those gimme races need to go. Oh yeah, and lardo Swanny needs to stfu.

  18. If they choose can do same as nhra event 2 hr event with taped delayed 3 round and live semifinals and finals. But would be mistake In my opinion even knowing outcome most will still watch

  19. great job as always, giving us the scoop.
    if those cars are selling for 100 to 300 dollars,
    how about the autographed black crow die casts,
    think they might take off?

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