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  1. Makes sense to do the Great 8 first, but it did catch me off guard a bit. I knew a couple weeks back watching the Invitational on discovery+ and at the end of the episode, they had the whole “next time” thing before the credits and said how they were “kicking next week off with the Great 8”. I haven’t seen anything about “locals only” though.

  2. Did I miss something? I haven't seen any locals only shows on yet. Showing the Great eight before the Invitational make sense because it is before the Invitational and there are points involved.

  3. I think it comes down to ratings and viewership. I'm sure they were getting a lot of people not watching the last hour when the great 8 was at the end of the show. Now people will still start viewing at the beginning of the show, but will hang on to the end with the because the last hour has the best part of the show. Still hard for many. It runs 9pm-midnight here in Idaho. Unfortunately have to record it and watch the next day.

  4. sim the show has jumped the shark you need to start doing the real street shit an dump the show Hollywood is shit start doing real street man

  5. The friday great 8 was friday and moved to sathurday. The normal show was moved from sathurday to Sunday so they did not flip it. Sorry🤣

    They Just pushed it one day forward for some reason.

    Also you are talking about ratings you should see for example underground uploads (more). They upload the show and people watch it on YouTube. So there are higher interest and ratings that dont show on regular tv ratings.

  6. To anyone who actually keeps up with the No Prep series, the great 8 is run on Friday and the Invitational on Saturday. When they started airing them with the Invitational first it made it very confusing. I’m personally happy that the races are now actually aired in the order the events are run

  7. I only watch this on Discovery Plus in Canada and you can’t switch your location with a VPN as it’s based on where you created the account. Currently don’t get the Great 8 or the locals only shows.

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