The 405 Takes on Texas Back to Basics BTS PT2

Ryan Martin and The 405 Takes on Texas. Back to Basics with Small Tire Racing behind the scenes Episode 2.

Ryan Martin Fireball Camaro of Discovery Channels Street Outlaws, and Back to Back to Back NPK Champion.

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  1. Love the car and the show. This is the type of racing we all love. Good luck and kick some tail. Stay safe and God be with you. Thanks for the video great job.

  2. This 6 decades plus old woman is soooo happy this showed up in my Google News feed! Just subscribed.

    Growing up in a rural area my folks had very "relaxed" driver education. An ear for RPMs, I was saying "Shift Daddy!" to my pops at 3. Driving in fields at I can't remember how young – but on gravel roads by 7, & highway by 9.
    Probably racked up 10,000 miles before I was actually old enough to even GET my learner's permit (14 here in Alberta, Canada).
    Always had the need for speed & would often drag from the traffic lights. Didn't always necessarily have the fastest at the top end, but being able to grab gears quickly is often the difference between winning or not. And I HATED losing!
    Love me some GMs – though there was that 5L Mustang 5 speed that belonged to my BFFs mother. She'd let me drive it if we wanted to borrow it for a night on the town, not trusting that her 2 kids wouldn't crack it up. Her ex told me to mat it if the cops started to chase me on the secondary highway as it would take probably 1/2 hour for him to get backup. Never had to try & outrun one, but did crank it to approx 240kph/149.12mph. In the dark. At 3am-ish. And then I remembered the damn deer I'd almost hit at dusk & cooled my jets. And I said approx 240kph cuz the speedo only went to 220 & I had that baby wrapped…before visions of deer bounding across the highway brought me back to earth. 50+ years of owning cars & only 2 weren't GMs. 1 an emergency purchase of a used Dodge (mine written off in an accident & insurance company of the person that hit me refusing to ante up in the hopes I'd take a lesser payout, knowing I drove 30 @ city & highway miles to work everyday) & the Ford SUV I currently drive, which was a gift.
    Pissed off that Discovery Canada didn't show the entire NPK series. Thought it was just a programming break as often happens, especially going into December/Xmas. So I waited. And waited. And I'm STILL waiting. America's List, Endgame, & NPK etc, are the best part of my viewing week & set to "series record" on the PVR.
    Thanks to being hit 1 time too many, with no place to go/way to avoid, I now live vicariously through y'all!
    Go get 'em! Keep the shiny side up & unblemished.
    Praying you and yours, and the rest of the team stay safe.

  3. I have enjoyed all of the Racing forms you do Ryan, but this went to a nice Car Show and a race broke out is kind of cool and you all seem much more lax and working together with smiles.

  4. You guys are reaching probably gonna get drilled but the new show sucks won’t last 2 seasons if it does people are desperate sorry call it as i see it you guys will do anything for a dollar

  5. This kills me. This show is great. And it still looks great. But I can’t watch it with out the real og big Cheif. I just can’t get into it the same. All the boys are there and no cheif. It’s just not the same.

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