Tesla Q1 2022 Financials, TSLA Mobile Charging Connector, Anti-Tesla Senatorial Run – TNR Episode 8

It’s time for another Tesla News Roundup!

This episode, we talk Tesla Q1 earnings, plus Tesla launches its Insurance product in three more U.S. states, Tesla’s largest ever Megapack project goes online, why you can’t buy out your Tesla lease, the controversy surrounding Tesla making its mobile charging equipment a paid optional extra, and more!


00:00 Intro
00:34 Subscribe reminder
00:55 Tesla’s Q1 2022 Earnings
07:19 Other Tesla Stories
07:33 Tesla Insurance expands into more U.S. states
08:27 Tesla’s largest grid-tied storage project goes live
09:06 No to lease buyouts
10:46 Tesla ditches granny lead
12:26 Tech millionaire and TSLA rival runs for Senate on promise to ban Tesla FSD


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  1. Everybody that has a brain and FSD youtube know the tech will be fine, what are they going to do about the legal side? Mercedes committed to be responsible, quite the crazy move! Every drunk teenager is going to abuse this:)

  2. Both the Arcimoto Fun Utility Vehicle and Nissan Leaf use the same exact granny Lead charging cable to get charged up. To charge 2 different vehicles at different times really shows their importance. There is no othe option at my house for charging.

  3. I know how to swim but, when I get on a boat, it is good to have a life vest available. Chances are you are not going to use it or need it. The same goes for that charging cable. After all, it is a vehicle, not a phone. Like the life vest, you never know when it may rescue you.

  4. This whole 'no more charging connector' decision just baffles me. Isn't that connector what almost everyone uses to home charge? It's what I do – I plug that thing in to a NEMA 14-50 outlet I had a local electrician install. It's what almost everyone I've spoken to also does. Superchargers… largely exist as a marketing gimmick to get ICE-owners to get over range anxiety. And will be important as people who don't have a garage become more common as owners. But no one I know uses them. I've been to a supercharger maybe 4 times in 4 years – and 2 of those were just to show it off to ICE-drivers. Anyone who can charges at home – which means they need that connector. I have a neighbor who even added a NEMA 14-50 to the outside wall of their house and just uses that to charge on the street (which is of course NOT a good idea in a more foot-traffic heavy location).

  5. My reaction to the Tesla mobile charging I would call it a shit storm was very similar to the way you framed it. It's really weird to me how many people are crying out about it. Considering how impractical granny charging teslas actually is. If you really want/have to have a safety line you should buy something like a juice booster. That actually gives you real options of charging not only from a household outlet but other types of plugs as well.

  6. i think the reason there is so much push back on the mobile connector…is that when you buy the car, you have no way to charge it. makes it hard to buy depending on how far away your are from the service center or nearest super charger. that would be like buying an ice car, and not having a way to put fuel in it

  7. 13:15 – "Software that never fails and can't be hacked" ?!? OK, this geezer with 40+ years of IT experience needs no more to reject whatever this character says out of hand. No further evidence needed.

  8. Tesla Insurance in Oregon for my wife and I is about %20 more expensive than our current Progressive coverage but we do have a really low rate. Also the quote from Tesla was at a safety score of 90 and ours currently is right at 99 so it is unclear how much lower our rate would be. They need to add a slider to the quote that you do on your phone so you can see what it would be at various scores. On the charger, it is all about managing expectations and delivery of information. They just need to add it as a purchase option check box defaulted to off. I think that will be there shortly. Really a publicity department 101 in change management. We have home charger and use the mobile one about 1 time per year at destinations on the coast. Used it a lot before the superchargers were added to Ontario, Oregon and Burns, Oregon.

  9. I have 3 EVSE's in my garage and another couple of portable ones laying around. If I got another Tesla I would have zero need for a mobile connector.

  10. As public chargers become more common it is less necessary to keep a mobile cord in the car, I still use mine when I visit my mom's condo since I can plug into a wall outlet and charge in the driveway. There is a Supercharger about 65 miles away which I use when I pick someone up at the airport. There are a couple Destination chargers at a hotel 6-8 miles away and a J plug at the post office, otherwise it's a charging desert, although there are plugs at the many campgrounds and RV parks nearby.
    When I go on road trips across the country I like knowing the cord is there in case a Supercharger is broken and I need to find an outlet for an emergency charge. It has never happened, but I was a boy scout.

  11. Would be great to see Tesla spend some money on improving service quality as I'd rate it "very poor". Especially early and 2nd stage adopters (bumper2bumper warranty is over) that helped to help Tesla to survive are left behind in the dirty dust (needing to engage my lawyer with almost every thing Tesla does on my car can't/shouldn't be the usual case) . Might be this is just a local thing (in my case: Switzerland, Cham).

  12. That granny lead – it is the way we charge our car in NZ. We generally get 200km over night on a 15amp socket. Since we are renting we have not installed our wall charger. And we are fine with that. We have done 80,000km so far on our granny lead. 🙂 We like it.

  13. I have had my M3LR for over a year now. I have used a Super Charger exactly once, just for the experience. Other than that one time, 100% of my charging has been with the mobile charger cable , mostly the 120V plug. I bought some other plug ends for the mobile charger to use at parks and vacation homes now that traveling is practical again.

  14. I’m very disappointed that the mobile connector is no longer included. I use mine every day. Plus, even if you have a fast charger installed, it could break and 120v outlets are everywhere.

  15. Love love LOVE this addition to the TEN news roundup! Thank you so much for all your work sweetening and condensing all the info from the Tesla call down into this juicy morsel. And as always, Ian is a legend 🙂 A big Thank You to all the Patreon supporters who fund this show!

  16. It struck me that the true "Tesla-killer" from high-capacity "legacy" automakers won't be any one vehicle – it will be the point in their switchover from ICE to EV at which they stop having to buy credits from Tesla to meet their fleet emissions/fuel consumption mandates.

  17. Oddly I was thinking a few weeks back that long term we need better solutions for EV charging than carting around two charging cables. A single cable that can do type 2, a UK plug and a shuko plug would be great (in Europe obviously).

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