Tesla Model S P100D Breaks 1/4 Mile Record Drag Racing!

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With our recent Tesla Model S P90D breaking the mass produced electric car record with a 10.80 it’s only fair that our new P100D ludicrous is even faster, which it is! At Fayetteville Dragstrip we test it out drag racing whatever that pulls beside us. In this case a dodge challenger and a Chevrolet corvette. Track conditions definitely weren’t the best but we can only improve with the massive amounts of tracks we’re planning on going to in the next week alone! Stick around to see our fastest Tesla’s, P100D vs P90D, battle it out in the quarter 1/4 mile very soon. Subscribe to Tesla Racing Channel for more!


  1. Electric vehicles will eventually hold the 0-60mph world record, top speed record, quarter mile record, etc, EVERYTHING, they're just so much more efficient and faster than piston powered vehicles

  2. Tesla…. The gold standard for making rich people think they're fast. As long as fossil fuel is available, EV performance will always be second class. I love beating up on my neighbor's P100D with my completely stock 14 year old motorcycle.

  3. boring. Fast is one thing but how you get there is another. I'll trade 1 second all day long for the roar of a 426 Hemi, any MF day.

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