Teenager gets PERFECT Reaction Time in 750hp GTR!

Now this is something you don’t see everyday.. a perfect reaction time from first time drag racer!? Coy Christmas Jr., piloting his new Cicio Performance GTR, took the GTR World Cup by surprise when he NAILED a .000 reaction time on his 8th pass EVER! We’ve been following the Christmas family for several years now and can’t say we’re surprised their son is a drag racing prodigy. Congrats to the Christmas’s and Cicio performance on an impressive weekend!

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  1. THIS DUDE, YOU cannot be better than this man right here. Not only is he super humble, nice and polite but He's into cowboy bebop. Nothing but true respect to this guy man.

  2. Be as positive and respectful to everyone you come in contact with. Because that positivity will ultimately come back on you and your success in life.

  3. He seems like a really great kid and not talking away anything from how polite he his and his personality, but he jumped that light and left before green. You see it clearly in slow motion. The only reason he got triple zero reaction time was because wheels already left by the time green registered and for whatever reason, it didn’t give him the red.

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