Teardown Begins! Assessing The Damage on the Nova + S10 Gets Upgrades!


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  1. do yourself a favor and order the comp cams ls valve spring tool.. use a compression checker hose to run a little air through the cylinder swap your springs and move on . it does 2 springs at a time and could do them in 2 or 3 hours usually in car

  2. You Can DO THIS, it's tasking financially, physically and mentally emotionally draining
    Very impressive all that you and the family and the team have done
    It's not just nuts n bolts
    Totally On The Team in prayer
    Have a Great Day 👍
    God Bless 🙌

  3. Both of you should wear Hans, and make sure your gloves are on. Alcohol fires are sneaky, you don’t see flames and you know that issue!

  4. Work never ends it's just part of the game I remember when you guys had this channel started out pull that little truck out of the back of the barn started to get to work and right after you guys started ur S10 project I started mine started a 1984 long bed got a 427 small block two speed power glide Dana 60 rear end it's been 5 years on my build.almost done.ur build help my set up and combo hopefully I'll see u guys in Milan Michigan next summer to meet you guys keep trucking 💯🏁

  5. Watch out where you get aluminum rods from. All 8 of the rods Steve Morris used in the engine for his wagon decided to ejecto seato in his last video. I don't know who all makes aluminum rods and the odds are probably pretty slim you'd end up with the same problem but just throwing it out there.

  6. I still think it's a valve spring issue as it's happening under load and high boost which puts more pressure on the back of inlet valve in turn on the valve spring.

  7. May be a good time to put a catch pan on her….after checking out Steve Morris's latest debacle……he would not have a wagon if not for that…😎🇳🇿

  8. Would all of that impact shock going through the drivetrain affect the u-joints driveshaft and pinion bearing ?
    Just curious.
    Btw….. not too long ago I watched a video where new out of the box Holiey injectors were run on a pro flow bench tester and was amazed at the differences in flow rates. One of them hardly squirted at all. I believe it was Finigan having the testing performed by a professional.
    Just a thought. Thanks for the video. I learn something every tone.

  9. Great video Billy!, I know you guys got your work cut out for you all, but one good thing is yourself, Big Rob, Uncle Bucko, and the Old Man are one helluva team!. The S10 and the Nova will be right and ready to!. Let's just hope for good luck from here on out!, you deserve it!.

  10. Hey Billy if u watch ur video when u did ur burn out u where spinning higher rpm almost like u we’re getting excited we know u were because Better bom was next to u an I was wondering y u didn’t have bob help u with the 540 I can grantee u will never go with any one else

  11. I saw Tommy wearing a put in bay shirt last time I went there from Windsor Ontario Canada was my first time in Ohio. I went for a boy scout jamboree also first time seing mardi graw 🤣. Also that storm was wicked here marble sized hail.

  12. Glad you’re ok bud. I’m gonna have to come out there again and we’ll get Pizza Hut lol notch is almost done. I’ll send you some pics.

  13. When I changed my electronics I had a similar voltage issue. I had to run a designated #6 wire from the battery to feed the equipment off a terminal block as well as add grounds all over. Chassis to motor,body…

  14. I'm not being one of those YouTube asshat trolls but you do know you can use a square as a straight edge and guide the plaz along it? It will save you a bunch of clean up time. That Nova's badass!

  15. I under stand you have the src liscenc plate I have been trying to get one. But it says you are sold out, I herd your mom say you got some in been wanting for a long time, let me know if you still have some. Thanks Chuck

  16. You guys will be back better than ever real soon. Glad you're ok Billy, and glad the Nova can still play. Great work guys much love to SRC baby. You guys are the best!!!

  17. somethig is gonna happen… i got a bad feeling…..the truck is next to go in to the wall….. the way bill was talking about it how everything is wore out …. i wish u luck billy!!!

  18. You guys need to hit up Brand X electrical with Jonathan Patrick. He can custom build you the correct alt for your bracket but yet upgrade the amperage to whatever you want. I myself have a 370 amp 14.8 set point alt, I'm running 2 batteries for my stereo system. Think he is out of Ohio.

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