Team Warz Show Low 660

Our first time at a team-oriented race and we had an amazing time small tire, Water Burnout straight gangsta party

Thank you all for watching 🤘🏽
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  1. I know it´s a pain in the neck if I repeat this but, I would really like to see you continuing your This is how I Street interviews because the guys at Street Racing Channel, have started a channel called Word on the Streets where they interview street racers, and I won´t like to see you stop doing interviews because of them. So if you can, try to continue doing your This is how I Street interviews, I will really like to see more. Thanks.

  2. If you can´t interview Cali Nate, I would request to interview either Carlos Iglesias (the driver of the blue and white Nova called "Stickers", which you saw in the King of the 28´s Arizona Cash Days that 6Sixty Street also filmed) or Alex Sánchez (the driver of the Camaro SS called "Problem Child", that also won the King of the 28´s Arizona Cash Days that you went to film and the same that 6Sixty Street also filmed), depending who´s available first; if you can´t interview Alex Sánchez first, interview Carlos Iglesias first, and if you can´t interview Carlos Iglesias first, interview Alex Sánchez first. I really loved those interviews and I would love to see more. Thanks.

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