Team 1320 SFWD 800HP Turbo Del Sol (So*Cal)

Team 1320 Kenny Built Sport Front Wheel Drive 800hp Del Sol on the dyno and at the track


  1. @andelliotsaid just confirmed it was sold to some guy from Las Vegas. that's probably why he hasn't hit us up and cut all contact with us..

  2. @andelliotsaid he was a super cool cat.. we helped him like he helped us. but he deleted us from myspace and changed his number. it all makes sense now. team 1320 is not like this nore is involed with what ever happend, the car was in our team beyond that i dont know. many ppl can vouch on how we are. im not 100% on the details but i'm working on it now.

  3. @fievel1320 i never ment to imply anything negative about team 1320. i know your guys are legit. the whole situation just kinda sucked because it was all over the internet.

  4. kennys del sol was nice as fuck man, and it ran good, kenny was legit person, he hated me at first then we threw beef behind us, i hope him the best of luck in the future, he can build fast cars.


  5. @streetkillasable

    we hit the exact time with a 500hp car (6.9) in the 1/8th mile.. a 800hp honda and a 500hp honda will run a close time in the 1/8th of a mile since it is soo short and the higher hp one doesn't open up all the way till 4th.. plus if u listen to the video u can hear the del sol spining the tires all the wayy down the track meaning no traction… generally speaking in a 1/4 mile race the 800hp car would more than liking run a faster time and mph. hope that helps

  6. is this horsepower with the stock 1.6l engine or swap and what honda engines can produce 1000ph if u can make a list that would be nice im new at the whole engine power output thing.

  7. definitely not the stock. del sol si gets the same d16 motor as my civic ex 2 door, but it is a single cam…. the engine in this video is a twin cam. i would say this is a b18 motor, i cannot be sure though

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