Talking With Farmtruck and Azn About Their New Show and Street Outlaws!!!

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  1. Honest I said it was obtainable before I heard you say it I left the messages on here in the beginning of the video or at least before you said it. LOL

  2. I really hope the New improved dung beetle will be on your new show.. What I like the most is when Farmtruck and Azn go fishing with the farmtruck and the dung beetle and beat them store bought "hot rods"

  3. Farm Truck single handedly started the patina look craze, he is the OG survivor look , prior to Farm Truck it was all chrome and wax, now it's all about orginal paint warts and all ,

  4. Awesome interview Sim! Farm truck and Azn are the reason I started watching Street Outlaws!! I had no clue until I saw the truck waxing doors on the streets and videos were being posted on YouTube, I wished you would have thought to ask how they got on Street Outlaws “ The List” I assume it’s bc they are from the OKC area? Anyway Sim I can see ur future in broadcasting on one of the shows, production or something, your a star in the making and you have spoken to some of the biggest names now and I know they see ur enthusiasm as we all do! I did like how professional they handled you! Lol and I loved that they kept it clean and not all the cussing all the others seem to do on the show! Don’t forget about us Sim when u make big ol boy!!

  5. Big chief and Jackie now Farm truck and Asian. Who's next? You're killing me SIM that was.a awesome down to earth interview excellent job. Such a great interaction. Those boys love you. I keep telling you Big things are in your future voice of NPK .? Your interaction with the racers is perfect.

  6. Goes to show that the roads on street outlaws are proper Tracks prep-wise.

    IF it was water only, No prep real street like the rest of THE world those 3k HP proline engines Wouldnt matter, You could best Them in a 80's 1300hp nitrous haas Camaro set Up for street IF you are Good enough to set Up the chassies and driver because No One can get those 3k HP to the ground on the Streets.

  7. I'm not a Racer, I'm a 60+yr old viewer, that's all…….
    FarmTruck & Azn is what drew me to watch STREET OUTLAWS, from there my viewing expanded to wanting to learn about the rest of the members. I enjoy seeing (2 average guys) that promoted "any racer" regardless of cost to engage as long "as they were SAFE." They didn't seem out of the realm of finances for a youngster out of high school to start a "hobby muscle/race cars" with whatever they have. AZN's HUMOR a d FARMTRUCKS older/experience bring a ying/yang effect to the show. I really really enjoy them and their last show airing was outstanding.

  8. I must add……I think bringing JEFF LUTZ INTO THE SHOW WAS A FANTASTIC IDEA !! Bringing him in brought a (different dynamic) to the show. He is from a VIEWERS PERSPECTIVE the PROFESSIONAL BUILDER/YET DEMANDS SAFETY in the BUILD…..FarmTruck the inspiration and mindset…..AZN the Driver and what the plane was built around. I THINK….it was ROUNDED BY ADDING JEFF LUTZ. Also "told" young men/women you can have fun building the car, but there is technical aspects that can't be overlooked or bypassed.

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