Swedish CASH DAYS – Stockholm Open [Full Movie]

Taking over the highway! These Swedish street racers are crazy!

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We’ve gone to Sweden to film the intense street racing scene they hold for a few years. We are just now releasing this footage from 2016 due to some complications in Sweden. These racers give no f*cks! Hundreds of spectators pour onto the highways to watch AND continuing to race while police are present attempting to stop the chaos. These racers aren’t in it for the money, they’re in it for the bragging rights and glory of winning the most INSANE street race in the world – The STOCKHOLM OPEN.
Disclaimer: In this video, we do not show many of the police encounters we had during our time in Sweden due to all the complications.

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  1. Hey most of the time I love your shit but in this one you didn't say who won or why they didn't go or what broke anything not like your normal guys what happened I know it's old but dam

  2. Plz contact 1320 videos so he can contact Larry Larson he’s an American drag week god lol I can only guess what he runs now but I think he ran a 5.99 or something

  3. That promod was against the spirit of the whole event. How was it even allowed to enter? Every other entrant built their car out of a, erm, actual car. That "57 Chev" didn't have a single part or panel from Chevrolet, let alone 1957!

  4. The "57 Chevy" isn't an actual street car by any means. That red cadet should have been winner by default he was going against a straight up pro-mod that thing is all fiberglass and an altered chassis and wheel base.

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