Supra Wheelies, 220mph UGR Lambos – TX2K is POPPING OFF | TX2K19 Day 2

Day 2 of TX2K19 carries the same intensity of Day 1 but with a whole lot more! A full day of racing ensued from some of the HEAVY hitters, despite a little bit of undesirable weather. Knocking out a few round of drag racing, the stick shift challenge, and the remaining roll racing eliminations left Day 2 a feeling of satisfaction as it ended with an EPIC final. The 20th anniversary of TX2K has been keeping the bar HIGH, with crazy sketchy passes, CLOSE races, and runs reaching almost 230MPH! Stay tuned for more daily highlights and check out our social media for coverage!

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  1. When you went “oooh left lane wins”, it was a slower ET and slower and slower mph? Was right lane disqualified?

  2. "…it still has power windows, full glass, VIN body panels, no composite, all factory…"

    Oh cool, so your car has built in excuses…

  3. I have to say it 1320; but fuck Titan Motorsports. You don’t wreck a guys car that brought to your shop for work while joy riding it and tell the customer so sorry bye!

    Fuck that company. Titan you’re not welcome in Texas anymore you absolute fucking shit stain people.

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