Supercharged 1971 Dodge Charger Drag/Street/Show Car Has the Ultimate Chop

We don’t cover a ton of Mopars on this channel, and that’s a shame. Because they’re damn good. Todd Carlson has been building this Dodge Charger since 1979, and isn’t showing any signs of stopping. True Carcaine knows no age.

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  1. This might be on of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen… he did trick me with the carbon wrap, but still damn mice car!

  2. Downright cool Mopar. But dude… Not going to build my Mopars like that LOL. 30 minutes of idle and 5 gallons of gas? Yeah I think I would rather run 11 or 12 seconds in the quarter mile and be able to drive it around a while… Nice to say you have a hot car but there is always a bigger fish 🙂 awesome car though!

  3. He's got his facts from Holley wrong, you CAN run race gas with O2 sensors and I'm pretty sure Holley would know that. You will foul the sensors using leaded gas, but not for a while. Most modern race gas is very oxygenated to the point that a standard O2 sensor wouldn't register A/F and must use lambda sensors to accurately measure the chemical content of the exhaust gasses. But a regular Joe like he can run tank after tank of C12 at the track and never have an issue.

  4. Very nice build.. love the colour.. love the interior.. love the shirt.. love to see and meet Moparians .. license plate is awesome 👌 Right on Todd.. hope I can find your videos when you dyno and race it..

  5. Hmmmmm? Did he buy the car to match that shirt? 😁 That is 1 gorgeous ride. I've always been partial to the 70 body style (since I owned one) but any between 68 and 74 will do now.

  6. Actually it’s not perfectly legal, he needs a not so loud exhaust unless he decibel tested it , can’t run slicks on the street legally atleast in California, however everything else is legal

  7. I'm not normally a fan of the Charger after 1970. I thought they became fat and whale like in there styling. But this . HOLY S T this is Gorgeous. Everything is right with it. The only I wish the owner could have done was to have more of the stock Dash instead of what it has now. Other than that WOW.

  8. I have a 71 Charger SE, Slap Stik, Torr Red… Hide Away Headlights, Rallye Dash… numbers matching 383HP…I am a bit of a true-ist when it comes to the interior. I like the stock look on the inside. So I can sit in the drivers seat and listen to the Doors… Riders on the Storm…or perhaps… Led Zeppelin's When The Levee Breaks… Boom, Crack, Ba doom boom Crack!! I have a 440 big block that I pulled out of a 69 Plymouth Fury… Just 3 days ago, it went in to my machinist's shop to start the build… I will put a 6-71 blower on it. By God…before I push my death turd out into the world, I will build a Charger to be envied…You'll see… Ol Sarge…

  9. I had a green 71 SE 383 when I was 18, somehow I didn't get arrested for anything LOL, I miss that car more then any car I owned, save for my first car, and you cant count that one, it was my first cat

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