Supercars vs Muscle Cars – Quick 30 Drag Racing

There are some pretty good races from the last Quick 30 event. It’s great to see these guys at the track racing these cars. Check our Facebook page for the next Quick 30 event.

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  1. 1/4 mile race is the most boring race there is !! Complete waste of time doing a few seconds run !! Real racing has curves, or if you are going to run in a straight line, at least have at least 1 complete mile! A good straight running event is the VMAX200 in the UK, 2 miles accelerating! But good content

  2. Few minutes into it, and don't any of these people know how to drag race? Some of them need to get out of bed, put the jammies away and friggin race! Talk about SLEEPING at the light!

  3. I know that the muscles cars didn’t win the majority but it just always feels good when an American muscle car that’s 60g beats a 300g+ super car 🇺🇸💪

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