Supercar Stories – Porsche 959

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Following on from my previous Supercar War video, we now go into the details of each of the five models that partook in this monumental part of automotive history, starting with the machine that kicked off the conflict back in 1986, the Porsche 959, a car originally destined to compete in the famous Group B Rally, but instead became one of the most advanced sports cars of its era thanks to a perfect blend of technology, style and performance.

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  1. Just watched the Vinwiki story on the 959 just yesterday. Also the 959 was never intended to go rallying. Those Porsche rally cars shown were 953's, essentially just development mules for the 4WD system intended for the 959.

  2. WOW! Incredible video on one of my favorite Porsche classics! I appreciate the extreme detail you have put into the development of this beauty, most creators don't even know a fraction of what have brought to us. Thank you!

  3. I often called the 959 the Princess Leia of Supercars because of its design elements evoking Princess Leia's weird buns from Star Wars. Not sure if this also gives you such vibes.

  4. family had one of these beauties, very good memories of driving down the beachfronts. Sold it recently to a collector whos getting the engine chromed, cant wait to see it

  5. I heard the G gear was actually there for noise test compliance. basically the car would be too low gong off the line so they went something like ahh, zis gear is not for starting, its for offroading (source: carmugdeon show)

  6. Great video, one of my favorite Porsches. Had the pleasure of being on the repair team that fixed Ralph Lauren's, "snuck in" 959 Sport after he'd wadded it up at Mid Ohio in 1995 or 6. The replacement windshield was $6K US iirc. Not like money was an object on that job, but it was eye watering to me at the time.

  7. tiovonen ????? or do you rather mean toivonen , speed of reading is good but some mistakes are made brother , guard yourself for that.

  8. I never liked the look of Porsches' That is until I was allowed to use the bosses 911 after a good week and keep it till Monday. It wasn't particularly comfortable and some of the fittings were of questionable quality with an indifferent gearchange. However people were reluctant to overtake me and glancing down at the badge on the steering wheel you just get that certain feeling that your driving somethings very special.

  9. shade they made not more versions of these kind of cars with continuing 928 and 911. Why did they stop 928 models? Pamera Boxer were not enough to make an competition with full of models of Ferrari since 90' . The competition is not the same today and this is an reason maybe of buy from VolkSwagen with most of auctions. The competition should be better for prices in sport cars and today they are no Ferrari at 50 000 dollars and 40000 dollars for Porshe as in 80' and 90' new models. it's a little bit sad for independance of Porsche.

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