Super Stock Class Eliminations Staging Lanes 2022 Indy NHRA US Nationals Drag Racing Muscle Cars

I talk to a few different drivers in a few different Super Stock classes before they head out for Class Eliminations! Indy is the place to show off your stuff and these drivers look forward to it every year. Subscribing to my YouTube channel supports me at NO COST to you!

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  1. I've got a 94 Camaro with an LT1 and I'm having issues with it not shifting into second. I need to talk to some of those guys and find out what they did

  2. Thanks Bobby, I enjoyed this so much. I'm old enough to remember Kieth Jackson walking the pits getting stories from the sportsman racers and following them through eliminations for ABC sports of course on tape for broadcast weeks later. This could be produced for TV and would be watched. Look at the success of the knuckleheads street racing.

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