Street Racing Taxi – The SUICIDE EVO!

In true Getaway in Stockholm Style…. Dodging police, blasting through intersections and cutting off the general public…all aboard the SUICIDE EVO! The Stockholm Open is the biggest street race in Sweden, and in order to catch all the action, you must be fast…sometimes driving upwards of 30 miles from race to race. Luckily, we caught up with the man behind the wheel of the Suicide Evo – The SWIG (Swedish Stig) and boy were were scared for our lives as we screamed through back roads and city streets! This nearly stock Evo may not be much, but when you put a mad man behind the wheel…out comes the SUICIDE EVO! Hop in the passenger seat with us for this white knuckle ride all night during the underground street race in Europe!
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  1. les hace falta ir a México compas, así manejamos si se nos hace tarde a algún lugar, pero de día, con tráfico y pésimas calles. sonará prepotente pero no es broma jajaja, caigan a CDMX pa que wachen.

  2. ni borde ha en låda under bilen med mini fotanglar spanska ryttare så snutsvinen får sig en jävla åktur typ1k st när ni är uppe i dom höga farter 🙂 gillar stillem som fan

  3. The miles per gallon in an Evo manual is N/A . The car gives you range anxiety like an electric car. Also everything you saw there in a normal car would ruin the tracking and front end components. Not in an Evo, you could drift to the moon and the car would say, "and"?

  4. That car is interesting. Looks and sounds stock and holds up to some of the most abusive driving imaginable. Dudes crazy. I remember when I didn't care if I passed a cop doing 120, now I'm afraid to go 10 over because there's twice as many cops out

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