Street Racing In "Mexico"… Who Got Gapped!?

Today was a fun day! Took the Elsa 350z out to part with a few people off instagram. Just a chill private run session with a few people. The 350z needs some R compounds bad lol this thing doesn’t like a dig very much.

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  1. Yo yo yo! I’ve had a few people telling me that they got randomly unsubscribed from my channel 😪 make sure you check to see if you still subbed. Its crazy that people that regularly come to the channel are getting unsubscribed randomly. Just double check and make sure y’all still subbed!

  2. I know this man's don't really think indians were the only ones preserving meat lol if we're being technical they smoked and dry aged their meat they didn't start using the salt process until Europeans showed up 🤦

  3. you should always have the good people in your intro to remained you. Granny, your girl, and white aaron. Keep up the good work! love the content!

  4. That spinning is me, I raced a C8 yesterday leaving a meet and he left me I was sideways everywhere it finally bit halfway into 3rd and smoked his ass them

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