Street Racing In "Mexico" Part 2: Supercharged C6 vs Boosted G37 & Street Bike!

Today was a fun day! Took the supercharged c6 out to party w. Just a chill private run session with a few people. C6 held up good and did its thing.

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  1. Cmooon man hahah you hadda pull that big dog lil pup thing again where you get a close race n gotta bring out the other cars knowing damn well that kid prolly spends his life spending on that car lol poor kid but aye dope video

  2. Bro Don't go messing with that mclaren bro you won't be happy that car would stomp ur corvette 100% I bet my checks for the one year

  3. Mike: it's turned down bout 100 fuel delivery issues and the G is flawless…

    in Mexico: bus length size gaps on everything with wheels 😂😂😂

  4. She sounding fucking lethal bro ‼️‼️ i haven’t tuned in in a while and missed a lot, but I get to bing watch 😂😂 keep getting it bro, much love to you 🔥💪🏾🙏🏾💜

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