Street racing Claude Banks Regal vs 30 Las Vegas locals for Street Outlaws End Game

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Street Racing 30 Las Vegas Locals for Street Outlaws End Game with Claude Banks, my 87 Regal. Behind the scenes of the episode filmed for Street Outlaws End Game! Watch the full episode on Discovery Channel! Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the Channel! Find me on social media also!
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Edit by Jeff Killingsworth


  1. Kye Kelly and as the rest that's on end games. Need to go back to school. Because those guys are running circles and then out of there lives. . JJ ta Boss is the only glue at least standing some kind of ground under the rest of the team. Damn it man. They all need to get right and come back

  2. I'm a fan but guess I wouldn't be considered a mega fan by your definition. No offense but I'm not wanting to pay for an inside view of your life lol. Good luck with the patreon.

  3. Murder nova has the biggest balls out of most of the street outlaw’s for having a badass ride with 26’s, once he gets a slick on the thing it will be a beast!!! Kye love your cutty with this Huge subs in the trunk!! I’m a fan of big subs and making shit shake!!! What will you be doing with the old shell of the shocker? Can’t wait too see some illegal shit with the cutty, hopefully sometime y’all can come up to where street racing channel billy the kid races and have some fun!!! That would be sweet to see!!

  4. Drive anywhere overheating and dead battery after one pass 🤣😂🤣😂 Baby motor LOL yeah right out the Summit catalogue …..
    At least you didnt look weak like Ryan and Shawn

  5. Ha ha. Smoke said don’t wait out there get it right here. It’s funny watching him get at everyone!
    Wanted to see you get another shot at that Smurf looking ride you would have got him if it didn’t go to neutral looking forward to next week.

  6. His car would over heat if he drove it like a normal car most of them guys drove there car unlike him pulling up in his 100000 trailer and team of guys with deep pockets it’s not really fair to the outher guys and he know dat to I don’t care wat he says ino race cars and so dose he ask any one who races

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