Street Racing Channel vs John Doc + More at WILD $20,000 No Prep Race

SRC Vs. John Doc in Round 1, I know a lot of people have been wanting to see us race. Luck of the draw we drew each other out of 61 drivers. It was just meant to be. Then, Of course the rest of the event was killer. It was a great time and we met some awesome people in South Carolina. Glad to be back racing again after a long winter.


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  1. deep into the field the first time back out is pretty damn good and then a runner up,yea our weather sucks it's 59 1 day and 30 the next….got to love Ohio weather

  2. Fuck yeah! I fuckin love these guys! They build, tune, and race their shit anywhere against anyone. That’s what’s up, we’d all love to be in the millionaire drag racer club but we work with what we got!!

  3. Im guessing the red button on the top of the shifter adds more boost that was the fn coolest thing to listen too it just POOOR on the boost GOODNESS… and those wheels look amazing

  4. I wouldn’t change up nothing brother you just slept on the light a little that’s where the half car came from at the start I say rematch with the same set up and you got him 💪🏾💨💨🙏👀

  5. Hey just watching your Episode # 4 on YouTube, !! I am 65 and raced when bi was single, got married, fantastic, the usual stuff. My car sat , 1971 Challenger R/T , good and bad, at least your whole family is involved, I am very happy for you guys!! Keep up the good work!! Love to see you live somewhere, is there a schedule you follow?

  6. love watching races like this. Both lanes seemed the same. Everyone had way more power than they could use. It came down to a 100% driver's race. Who could pedal the most at the right time and make just enough power to the end. Great video.

  7. I just wanted to stop in say again that I appreciate this channel. Your dad can sometimes be grumpy and I know it can get hard, but you guys are always respectful on camera. Not like Shawn at 187 Customs who berates his kid for all to see and then defends it later. You guys have class and grace and it's appreciated.

  8. Adaptronics is who Haltech bought to make the new Gold. Psst, they have the most functions for half price. They can run 24 plugs with multispark with one add on. Motec and Syvecs can't.

  9. That S10 ain’t no joke! Damn The Kid can drive too! Just goes to show if you can’t put it down all the HP in the world won’t help. Learn how to read a surface like the Old Man and many a old timers

  10. man…. this place is DANGEROUS!
    I'm kinda curious if all these guys running without hoods or entire noses are really getting an advantage… I'd think that would be pretty crappy aero once they get rolling. I dunno.. 🙂

  11. I am so tired of seeing foxbodys…I had one in high-school over 20 years ago, just tired of every other race car being a damn foxbody.

  12. I remember when 11s was quick
    I remember putting slicks on in mcdonalds parking lot because we drove our cars out of town not trailer queen promods.
    I remember when you didnt need $100k to have a fast car with AWD, hair dryers and computers.

    this was cool to see..

    9:20 how many of you KIDS know what the project-X car was?

  13. Hell bud I live own the other side of the river here west woods kentucky and hit me up when y'all go to the track again I want to come and see that s-10 run and go for a ride

  14. I am a 58 year old man I raced for 12 years got divorced sold every thing and now wanting to get back into it but have a back problem so it's nice to see a dad like you doing this my son is jus now putting a 5.3 in his ranger

  15. La seul fois où j ai fait 11s8 aux 400 M j avait my un maximum de poid a l arrière du coup drifter moin parce que j etait en pneux normal impossible de trouver des jantes graggar slik

  16. Moi la avec ma el camino et des jantes cragar slik je gagnerait souvent mais avec des. Slik et un kit nos mon compresseur regler à 3 bar donc 700 ch plus un kit nos sur que j en étouffe plus d un

  17. Escus mie byllie Just one renseignement the motors brodix is good ho no good please byllie is m'y el camino motors 383 chevy 600 ch is the motors brodix is good please byllie

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