Street Racer Loses Control & Crashes *Total loss*

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  2. Last time about to exit the freeway some idiot cut me off from behind and almost hit me and when they crash innocent people die or end up seriously hurt and come out in court crying and saying their sorry.

  3. this is lame i would run my 9sec street car on the street. And this kind of crap ruined the street scene in my opinion. These bozos would know what to do with a car that had 700hp at the back tires.

  4. And you wonder why we can't gather at a parking lot and have a meet. Dumbasses like ya'll doing stupid shit making the police disband the meet.

  5. Clickbait piece of sh*t. It's like buying a box of Lucky Charms with one damn marshmallow on the bottom. Next time, just title it as "car meet and one crash" or something less douchey.

  6. I love watching these kinds of videos and here how dumb people are omg people are stupid leaking all kinds of fluid yea which kind ??? Can you tell me what fluid is leaking or no god people are stupid

  7. Goodbye g35 gtr next 😂 yeah right, dudes moms bout to kill him and hes gonna be pushing a prius for a while after the insurance company is done with his ass.

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