Street Race Talk Episode 65 – The 405 vs The Memphis Street Outlaws

Thanks for watching!!!!! Shoutout to Sam on wining state!!!! New episode next Friday!!!!! Next week we will be talking about Kye Kelley vs JJ da Boss!!!! Follow me on social media!!!!

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  1. dick Rawlings is a trust fund baby bitch just like his butt buddy Denis Collins , they act all big and bad like their something special , it's easy to make millions when your born with millions .

  2. following the rules and knowing how to use the rules is an art. Richard has a lot of people on his payroll even the racers that helped build the car . Road kill tweek the rules as they went all the while having a mole in gas monkey shop. they admitted that

  3. dawg this vids kick ass its funny as fuck for some reason when you showed the still pictures of the cars for some reason it feels like I'm watching Goodfellas or something lol

  4. I think the 405 will finish by blowing out Memphis because the majority lost because they didnt have boost or they didnt hook at all! Glad you're feeling better SIM!

  5. JJ will be bringing The Prostitute some new cars no one has seen before even on the internet. One of which will be a yellow Firebird that's procharged. Daddy Dave will he there, so will Chief, Murder Nova, Doc, Monza, Reaper, Shane, Dominator, Chuck and fireball Camaro. So we will see at least 10 races. Probably 405 top ten vs Memphis top ten.

  6. I thank chief needs to take the crow mod and the crow cuz chief said no pro mods and they did bring their pro mods u know the crow mod would have smoked them

  7. Memphis is slow they're just fast on shit roads where people with real horsepower can't get down as ez. Birdman proved that when he beat JJ and Birdman car broke halfway down the track and still won.

  8. I thought I heard you say that Daddy Dave was not at the 1st Memphis race!!! But he is in the pic you posted in this video, standing beside Big Chief to the far right!!! js! #lovetheshow

  9. I think what Chief meant by changing street outlaws forever is that to be on the list the car has to be a steel roof and quarters with vins. No more Pro Mods. I personally think it'll make the show a lot better competition wise.

  10. Sorry fellas but Australian legend John Zappias 72 holden monaro world record door slammer 5.68second 1/4 mile would eat every car on earth, let a lone the 405!

  11. chief had big advantage from day one. they built same car as old Crow . dicky Rawlings did what he knew best buy the best shit , but that takes time to get setup right , were Chief already knew what they needed for race set up . dick was never going to win race . now I will say chief did tree fuck out dicks race car driver both times

  12. nobody cares about big chief, cause he's a loser. he won't race kye kelly or the shocker with the new crow mod. Nor will he race Kye Kelly in his new pro mod. Big Chief can kiss my ass.

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