Street Race Talk Episode 54 – Memphis Street Outlaws Part 2

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  1. I'd like to see the Memphis small tire list go against New Orleans because I know that Brandons Smith and Bobby Ducote Fords would destroy Memphis's list hands down!  Big Chief got his ass hustled by JJ on the last episode of Street Outlaws, which was some funny shit. Yeah, the last episode was one of the best episodes of the year.

  2. IMHO, The reason everyone(KYE,JJ,BIRDMAN) is talking about how their car is NOT a Pro Mod, is because of the rules of PAST, Present and Future NO PREP RACE TRACK RULES. Plus Limpy Won't Invite Them to the REAL Cash Days on the STREET with those cars!! They absolutely should NOT ALLOW PRO MODS to compete with TRUE BACK HALF STEEL CARS!!..Tube chassis cars don't make them Pro mods! However,Tube Chassis + ALL carbon fiber body = PRO MOD or what the fuck ever you want to call them!! Keep up the good work Brotha, and fuck the haters, that's what they do best besides lose and they can't even do that like a man! See ya next Friday..

  3. JJ is fake as hell, that shit was for TV & TV ONLY! If he would have scaled the car it would not have rode the back wheels down the street!! Sorry, but NOT LEGIT!

  4. Kye Kelly is not building a pontiac motor. It is a Big Block Chevy with Pontiac "Big Chief" heads. The heads are based off a pontiac design, and are made to fit on a Big Block Chevy.

    Also, Monza said on the podcast that he would go turbo because he wants to do Drag Week eventually and it would be more practical with a turbo car instead of a nitrous motor. He has been skeptical about it for a while because he said the learning curve with the turbos might set him back on the list if he could not figure it out in time, kinda how Dominator did at first.

    And Precious' nova was a small tire car. They're are many tires people call an actual small tire. Some have a 10.5W which looks larger and has more tire coverage than a standard 10.5" tire. I'd assume she is running a 10.5w due to the size and appearance it had at the last Dfwss Cash Days.

  5. get yourself an NHRA rule book or a sanctioning body ,that runs pro-mod and read about the cert's (certification)needed. Case in poiint…K Kelly;s car may not pass for lack of a tube here or there of thickness's….rear end need;s to be specific…wheels,brakes,weight etc… One of chief;s vids. tells what he had to do….not cheap.

  6. apparently I'm tha only person in tha fuckin world that wasn't impressed by JJ's wheelie against murdernova..
    every car on tha list could do a fuckin wheelie like that if they wanted to, but instead they tryna win tha race,smh.
    JJ only pulled that shit cuz he want ppl to get hype about him so they'll tune in to that garbage ass memphis street outlaws.

  7. good evening. In my opinion I think what makes the difference between a promod and the other cars is in weight and a complete fiberglass body and also cubic inches and so on. thank you

  8. yes in the beginning Kye Kelly said it was a pro mod style. but later tells the truth about it. his car is a old mild steel tube chassis super gas car. in reality it should not be allowed to go as fast as it's going according to the rules.

  9. Pretty sure JJ would blow the producer for a show. They call themselves "Memphis Street Outlaws" online and post videos with 0 views. And now they have their own list. How convenient. With that said tho, as stupidly annoying as he is to the point where they would need to subtitle everything he says, they do seem legit street as hell.

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