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  1. I'm pretty new to the entire racing scene but what if they put a cap for how much they can spend on like their engine or something like that

  2. Sim, I would imagine the biggest pockets in NPK right now would be Robin Roberts and he's definitely not in the top 5 but he has said that yes he can afford a professional tuner and professional pit crew without any problems or money missed whatsoever.. Robin has always stated that he prefers to have his regular guys as his pit crew and tuning the car himself and just be a eagle ray steam to any of the other competitors in that series… Robin could definitely be racing over in the NHRA,,, racing any type of car he would want to and it would not be a financial problem at all for him to do that but he said NPK racing is where it's at and that's what he likes the most and plans on staying there

  3. I was thinking Stevie fast mentioned one time that he did like the idea of racing over in the NPK because of the payout being so good and he wouldn't have a problem either with starting out in the futures class and working his way up and I had even messaged him and asked him about it and he also said that he has considered throwing his hat in the ring there at NPK and giving it a try possibly at sometime

  4. Pretty unprofessional. Rules not out in a reasonable time and the event scheduling being done in this fashion makes it very hard on those looking to run the entire event schedule and what combination to choose, build, and test prior. Getting sponsorship in place become hit and miss. Honestly its crap, But then it a TV show with no consideration for those competing for a championship in a sporting event.

  5. NPK is for those that run it that have a TV and or social media exposure. It's a cash cow for the racers running the event. The big difference is deep pockets wont ensure you a place in the show. Stevie Fast and others have already tried to force, buy and demand their way into the series and it hasn't happened. On the OG 405 guys maybe its not the big money guys that are the problem, but rather a poor business sense on their part and a failure to properly invest and commit.

  6. Dude if you want stuff to be free sit in your yard and watch the grass grow you can't have Any race organization be free None of this could be done without money not even street racing you either have to be independently wealthy or have a job cause parts cost money You make no sense most of the time you complain about just about everything you know they should never change the OG car Well OG car wasn't meant to go this fast and unless you wanna die you don't change it For a guy that's in college you do say a lot of stuff that don't make sense One minute you're talking about I hate the drama then you're like I love Reapers back on well There's your drama I mean make up your mind So remember safety cost money Going fast cost money Put it On television cost money Travel cost money There are hundreds of thousands of people that do this that you will never hear about They do it out of their own pocket They will never be as fast as some of the guys on the show Because they can afford it Street outlaw stop being street outlaws when they started Chassing the whole car

  7. As far as the schedule goes yeah keep the hype but keep in mind the people that support this sport are working people and they need to schedule time off so need to schedule their vacation at the start of the new year. how can they do that if they don't know the dates? In some cases hotel reservations need to be made boarding of pets or care for their pets need to be made. Someone needs to keep this all in mind with the dragging out of the schedule.
    As far as the money goes yes just like any other sport out there money buys the best player , parts and time for testing i don't care if you play football baseball or any other major sport you buy a better player if you want to win with bigger better sponsors comes bigger better parts and equipment. the little guys have to rely on the track to be the equalizer. but with better stuff you get better equipment for a loose track

  8. So to use your logic and rationale…. Roger Penske should win every Indianapolis 500…yet he doesn’t. Don Schumacher didn’t win the championships each year in TF or FC and he’s the richest guy in motorsports with his companies doing work for the DOD.
    Luv ya Sim… but not on board with this supposition.

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