Street Outlaws' Tina Pierce DRIVES Her Twin Turbo Nova Back to Race Week Day 4 at Tulsa!

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After a huge thrash, Tina and David Pierce made it to Tulsa Raceway Park to continue taking part in Race Week 2.0. Even better, they DROVE the twin turbo Nova and didn’t just trailer it to the track – even though they could have as they are out of competition. The former Street Outlaws racers are having a blast on this drag and drive – and we believe they will be coming to Sick Week as well!
Tina is among the many women racing at Race Week 2.0. In this video, we speak with Britney Friesen @Britney Automotive about her week in her Camaro, we catch Felicia Smith @4DRRCKT in her Cadillac and we meet Makenna Lepenske who is racing in the new Junior Street class with her dad’s awesome turbo LS Gasser!
We hope you guys are enjoying the videos, we are looking forward to being at Drag Week as well in just over a week’s time.


  1. Thats awesome to see that you g lady driving that old gasser. If we dont have more parents like her dad getting their kids involved in racing the drag racing industry will eventually just vanish. Its gotta stop somewhere if we sont get our younger generations interested in racing. My 30 year old and my 14 year old love drag racing so i have done my part for sure

  2. Im not fond of tulsa raceway but i like noble alot. Is kinda of an old school style set up amd the owners are some awesome folks. They will go outta their way to help if they can. We ran our class race at both of those tracks and hands down thunder valley was the best in my opinion. That and tulsa has a 10 pm curfew but its understandable because it is so close to alot of residential properties. Noble is out in the country

  3. I'm sorry, people who do stupid shit on the public roadways should be taken off the roadways! I lost a brother because of some dumb ass showing off!

  4. Hey Fools, keep the racing for the tracks, the trailer burnouts beyond giving all drag racers a bad name, is extremely dangerous, and the required checkpoint owners and neighbors and their towns (plus police forces), really do not need that schidt on their streets and highways.

    It really gets old, plus gives the whole drag and drive race industry a bad name, attracts negative connotations and makes us all, including participating tracks and all race participants look bad.

    Just think about it, party at the tracks.

  5. That 9 second red with white top Monte Carlo really let me down when he came off the button it wasn’t until about 300 feet out I realize it had a anti roll bar suitable for a peterbuilt . You know how you learn how to drive you build a aluminum Brodix bbc slap every fogger stack a couple plates throw in a 3rd bottle in any g body and go to school shuffling the whole way to the stripe tbt I never raced a 1/4 mile back then in the goody you ran anywhere between 3/8 mile or on a really good day you would run @ a 1550 ft 1/4 mile lol

  6. The one second rule is the greatest thing in drag and drive. This drives me nuts without and usually the faster car always passes the slow car at the line. Worst case scenario at full speed against a car with less or no cage!

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