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  1. He was on the show twice.. Once when they walked through the gate and called Chief a "COWARD".. Then when the 405 handed them their AZZ..
    He's just another wannabe THUG named Ron Palord(?) trying to get his 15 minutes, just like the guy that was on the show ONE TIME and killed himself because he wouldn't back off the throttle..

  2. Yes I remember that the person stole a few engines from some race shop , and I heard about Ryan's crash hopefully he still up to racing and his team are able to get his car back up and ready kick some ass πŸ‘βœŒ.
    πŸ˜ˆβ˜ πŸ‘βœŒβœŒ

  3. That guy wasn't affiliated with 405 he was from Tulsa Oklahoma he's got a black 34 Ford Coupe with a blown big-block in it he did have enough ass in that coup to run with the 405 when his father had it it was the fastest street car in the state of Oklahoma his dad would go to Dallas Kansas Arkansas it would run 980s 30 years ago we're talkin about A Streetcar I know the guy personally he got mixed up with the wrong crowd The Coop still stands it's called The Coop anybody that are affiliated with the midnights here in Tulsa knows about the coop

  4. I told 187 customs I would love to see NPK go 1/4 mile and made a joke that 1/8th should be for junior dragsters. Who ever does their post got so pist started bitching what your fastest time. Got under there skin and was just cracking a joke.

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