What should Ryan Name the Gray Camaro?

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  1. Ryan always a nice guy!! Yeah Jim Howe looked him in the eyes and said he wasn't guessing then did!! Ryan almost beat him even though he got a 2 car head start. Lost all respect for that WWE wannabe Jim Howe after that!! You want to guess that's fine (its part of that type of racing) but dont look the man in the eyes and lie to his face like that. Then Howe bragged about it for a month after that like he accomplished something special. He hustled Ryan plain and simple.

  2. Gray Nightmare because it's there worst Nightmare If you go with the name all I want is a shop tour and handshake I respect the way you are no big head better then the rest. Keep winning like I need say that you just win.

  3. That man is the best racer I may have ever seen new car wins again give credit all internet babies all cry he's fantastic I wouldn't bet against him smart people won't congratulations to him

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