Street Outlaws NPK Tucson: Daddy Dave vs Murder Nova, Kye Kelley, Jeff Lutz, and Jerry Bird

I’m still in the Great 8! After missing Idaho after braking the car in Tulsa, we are still in the running which is awesome and can’t thank you all enough for the support. In this video from NPK Tucson, you will see me line-up with Murder Nova, Jeff Lutz, Jerry Bird, and Kye Kelley.

As I started my first race against Shawn Ellington “Murder Nova”, I had to abort the pass. There is a really weird transition from asphalt to concrete which really upsets the car and gave me a lot of tire shake. After that I lined up with Jeff Lutz and had to abort the run for the same reason but still won that race which got us some good data.

Next was the 1st round of the Great 8 vs Jerry Bird and I had to abort from an oil down on the track that got a little loose.

Now we are on to the invitational, which I still have yet to win one this year and it’s eating away at me! For my first race I ran against Doc and won the race and moved on to round 2 against Kye Kelley. I have to say, that was one of the closest races of the year no doubt. Check out the footage it’s wild, I thought I had him for sure, but he drew the win light and that was it. Such an amazing race and definitely felt good, we both got fast hot rods. We are now heading into Colorado and I’m excited to get Goliath in the winners circle!

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