Street Outlaws No Prep Kings has come to Maryland International Raceway and what a awesome weekend this was.
It was pretty awesome to chat with a few of the guys from the show and camera crew. Got a little behind the scenes footage which was totally cool.

Big thanks to Joe Woods ”’Dominator” for the channel shoutout.
Special thanks to Carlos for hooking us up with a room for the weekend.
Thanks to the few members of the Camera Crew who chatted with me.

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Cameras used
Canon G7X Markii
GoPro Hero5 Session

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  1. Just another wannabe producer with a fuckin cellphone,interfering with people's view! Sit down,shut the fuck up and let everyone enjoy the race

  2. Hey WES!!
    What part of WV are you from???

    Good Footage!! You keep it up like this, and you're SUBS will BLOW UP!!! Good work!
    You got a new SUB outta me! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  3. looks like a nice cheap hobby … let knowone think these guy pay for this from their 9to5.. cast members get what they need to make this 'show' happen. NatGeo/Discovery/Pligram make big$ from this show…those guys (Chief) bargained wisely . > 'sorry Mr producer no filming for a while.. our cars are broke..' > Mr producer ' What do youall need" chief> 'well ,sence you asked".. Also…whats up with Boosted and the small skins? I know he's brite enough to get some converter help and suspension advice from his boys..i dont get it.

  4. No Prep Kings. You did a great job Wes giving us a behind the scenes look. Keep up the good work. Everyone subscribe and help him build his channel.

  5. problem with DSLR's is there stabilization ain't good, the exposure seems to change excessively & there zooms are jittery…. The Sony AX53 is probably the Absolute best camcorder or video recording device for dragracing….check out tomeighty & dragrace videos….those 2 channels use the Sony AX53.

  6. It looks like u caught boosted talking to Kayla and the film crew about the scuffle with Chuck. Not sure why u didn't say something about that unless u weren't there for it and that's not what he was talking about I guess

  7. Wow!! Kye Is a asshole, he couldn't even say hi back to you? When he was in AZ. I tried to ask him a simple question, he just looked at me and ignored me then one of his crew basically said fuck off & don't bother him. Yeah he's just a huge asshole!!

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