Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Perth Feb 2023 @FarmtruckandAZN @lutzracecarspgh

Some of the racing from the first USA street outlaw meet in Perth, 10 USA no prep kings, a heaps of Aussie racers.


  1. I haven't been to the drags since Ravenswood. I read somewhere that it was $100 for admission and $35 to park your car. A bit OTT for me but maybe one day I'll get back there.

  2. I've been to 5 events of the note prep kings at bandimere speedway here in Denver, Colorado and it does kind of drag but it is very entertaining. The more they come, the more organized it will become and it will be a fantastic day of drag racing if they continue to do it in the future. I'm glad you got the opportunity for the experience

  3. I am so glad I didn't buy an expensive ticket to see this crap. Farmtruck got the back wheel and the hit. Who is interested in paying top dollar to see this lopsided crap. I thought they were coming out here to drag race.

  4. Thank You for the Vid it was great Discovery will not release this here in the States til long after the boys are back here in the USA. I forwarned many Americans here who on chat boards were saying the USA Street Outlaws would mopp up the Ausies i knew far better have 3 wonderful familys who have visited from Australia at three diff times and like i said on the chat boards the Aussies know Horsepower, Hot Rods and Harleys just as well as us here in the States plus Americans could take a lesson from the Auzzies on treating people wonderful be it down under or here in the States i miss my 3 Familys over there have not seen them here since Covid messed them up from coming to Michigan in Dec of 2020 there kids had never seen snow and they all were going to spend Christmas here . Again Mate great Vid thank you.

  5. Made for tv drama bs! There’s a reason I don’t ever watch street outlaws, glad ya’ll are posting this so I don’t have to give discovery any views!👍🏻

  6. Discovery sucks. It’s like some backwards, eating monster that will take your money and show you what happened three months after it happened get rid of discovery.

  7. Watching Zappia run over that 'murder' Nova like it was a junior dragster made my night.
    Cost us $265 each but in the end it was a decent show, at that price I wouldn't go again though. Especially considering we got tickets for Top Fuel and Doorslammers next weekend for $45.

  8. What is this better not be legit comp fucking lining cars up guys creeping up g2 fucking feet in front of the others how are they even letting that shit happen the got damn white comaro wasn't even in the damn beams anymore

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