Street Outlaws No Prep Kings, Maple Grove Raceway (May 13-15, 2022)

this was some of the iphone footage i took back in may at maple grove raceway with me, my dad and my uncle. first time at a street outlaws event and the weather conditions were pretty horrific but, they wanted to get the footage and also not disappoint the almost sold out crowd so they went on with the show. it was a very muggy and rainy day with constant in and out showers leading to a damp track with not much grip.. which let to a lot of drivers not pedaling it like they want to in fear of spinning out.. there were maybe about 4 wrecks just on day one.. the first clip u see in the video was also the first video i took that day.. day 2 and 3 were alot better than the first night that’s for sure.. there were no casualties or serious injuries in this video!