Street outlaws No prep kings; Kayla Morton Vs John Odom (invitationals Final)


  1. WOW! I would have never thought that I would see that coming but a big CONGRATULATIONS to Kayla for pulling off the big victory and a CONGRATULATIONS for going out there and standing tall and walking away with that WIN!!! BIG CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN TO KAYLA FOR PULLING IT OFF AND SHOWING EVERYONE THAT SHE CAN STILL RUN WITH THE BIG BOYS AND THAT SHE CAN GO OUT THERE AND EVEN SHOW THE BIG BOYS A THING OR TWO.!!!!

  2. Great to see True fresh blood in a final. Congrats to both teams . Hope to see more finals like this. Competition needs to step up more . Great Race 🏁 👀

  3. Yeah good for Kayla! It’s nice to see 2 different competitors in the finals. And it was funny to see that guy next to you miss the race and have to have someone tap him on the head to turn around 😂.

  4. Good deal. Don't like ol Scrodom. He's a diamond encrusted douche bag who says he's a " street outlaw".. I've personally never seen the douche make a lick on the streets so….🤷‍♂️

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