Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Grudge Racing Idaho

Street Outlaws Grudge Racing in Idaho at the 4th race of the Season 3 of No Prep Kings filmed event.

This event was on the Friday before the big 40k race and it is pretty much a test and tune kind of race but this year on the Season 3 they are expecting the drivers to put together big money races on the night before.

Here is a list of car’s/drivers that you will see in this video: Big Chief, Mistress, Bobby Ducote, Vixen, Birdman, Kelly Blubaugh, Kayla Morton, Kye Kelley, Reaper, Doc, Dominator, Chuck Seitsinger, Shake N Bake, Mike Murillo, Boosted Ego, Chuck 55, Ryan Martin, Jeff Lutz, Track Doe.

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  1. I wonder what it would do if you had two turbos put together we all together for turbos two on one side 2 on the other side what I'm meaning is where the air Flows In and on the backside of it have another one attached to it will that make it a cyclone

  2. Que envidia que me da ver que tienen la posibilidad de ver a esos ídolos en persona, .. !! Ya que soy fanático del programa de televisión y sólo los veo por ahí y a través de Internet. Como me encantaría estar ahí y verlos en persona, .. Un abrazo grande desde Argentina!

  3. Best drag videos on the interwebs! You show EXACTLY what I personally want to see and in the right order (but could show the women more and better, lol). Thanks so much for making these!

  4. Wow, that is one of the only solid hits I have ever seen from Larry Larson’s CTS-V. That car is flat out gorgeous, wish he could figure the combo out and make it at least somewhat consistent.

  5. Definitely along way from the street racers we raced up & down the highways! It's big money being supported by a nation of people watching.

  6. Tom ur vids are how they are supposed y to o be filmed please give us more, but please watch ur vid ur self and get back this style pls

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