Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Axman Shakedowns!!!!

Street Outlaws No Prep Kings have swept the nation, bringing its street style of racing to major tracks all across the US. With more and more cars getting built by the day, Larry “Axman” Roach brought out his Team Virginia Procharged Nova, built by Reese Brothers Race Cars, to Piedmont Dragway to start shaking down and get ready for the No Prep Kings Season Opener. Unlike No Prep Kings, the surface was prepared for small tires/radials making it a tad tricky for the big tires on the Axman nova.


  1. sounds peppy ; ) Seems prochargers are becoming power adder of choice now,,, turbos can make a bit more power but getting the converter rite on a a blowr car is a bit easier to keep up with.

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