Street outlaws No prep Kings 5- Ennis Texas Invitational Final: Jim Howe vs Kallee Mills


  1. I like seeing other teams win they all work so hard and spend so much time and money to be competitive it makes the events more appealing to the fans

  2. Everyone’s hugging each other at the starting line and Odom’s walking around by himself. Poor guy reminds me of Biden.

  3. I want to thank you for a great season of no prep kings. For everyone who complains about the quality of live feeds and the sound need to go and ask their parents to do a better job raising their kids. Ungrateful entitled children are the type to complain about the quality of a feed that is free. Yes he is in person at an event we all love but what he is doing is not easy and it is stressful . He does it because he loves the sport and he cares about his work ethic. This is the best channel for getting up to the minute results and I don’t have to deal with my PTSD over crowds and loud noises. I have made a goal for myself to take my boy to one of the events that happen in Ohio. When I do dinner is on me sir.

  4. Again thanks Jay Jay very much appreciate all your work and time you put in to bring these events to us, would love to go to one of the NPR but living in Australia its a bit far…….Cheers mate 🍻

  5. What would have been hilarious, immediately after Boost said “ that was last race of the night, thanks for coming and all your support. We’ll see you next year “, if they had just turned all the lights off and went home.

  6. How Motorsports good job man you and your team are awesome keep up that shit talking and put that car in the winter Circle see you on the street

  7. Damn…Callie next time you'll get them …see I live approximately 2 miles from a Baskin trucks and I wonder if you had tee shirts for sale at every BASKINS TRUCKING or is it a franchise thing regardless I want a tee shirt support women in DRAG RACING….MAKES ME TINGLE

  8. A great ending to a great season. Way to go Kallie, she was right there. Wow Howe making hot passes. Consistency is key, he has figured things out for the moment. JJ thank you for all you do bringing this out to share. Great job.

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