Street outlaws No prep kings 5- Bandimere speedway- Daddy Dave Vs Jerry Bird (semifinal)


  1. Man again this is beyond a joke now, I could have made a cup of coffee between the light coming on and his tyre moving this is just fucked. and if he staged deep wouldnt the red come on instantly not after the green !!!

  2. Something has been going on with that light all weekend. I know staging deep in the beam's, is a risk of going red & all. This has happend numerous time's this weekend to some of the best driver's. Coule be something fishy going on, pilgrim slipping a few thousand in someone's pocket. Is what it is tho. Regardless tho, Dave has that hot rod knocking on the door of his 1st NPK invitational win. The fact thats the same car Dave uses on the street, & the track is some badass stuff. Most of the Top Guy's have purpose built cars for each.

  3. OMG I figured it out, the tree isnt really running on instant green you can see off the side ways tree behind them that the tree is running off the three center bulbs and just doesn't turn off with them giving the illusion of instant green

  4. Dave did not jump. Crazy they said Ryan jumped in great 8. That light is fucked.

    Edit; Funny how after reading comments, everyone else thinks the same. Track officials mut hate 405 and Ryan

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