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  1. Bodie & Bodie Jr… is a good example.. dad still racing, jr is up and coming racer to reckon with… NPK, next Generation/Futures. If they are good enough and fast enough they make it to the invitational show.

  2. The majority of fans don’t want to see that: people want to see the best racers competing and thus the most entertaining racing… not somebodies kid simply because.

  3. Hey sim I think eventually will see some of kids race I think most are not old enough or don't have the experience but it will be cool to see how they incorporate it as always keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  4. All I see is this channel is grabbing straws on something that will never happen…it's called wishful thinking…what ever happened to just No prep kings news?

  5. All speculation here but shawn ( murder nova ) said “ the og will have a screw blower on it next year ) so he has said he is selling the small block out of the npk car and going hemi and maybe keeping the og pro charged hemi for the streets and cash days. 🤷‍♂️😊. Thats what I think and have heard

  6. Thats how it's supposed to happen, the father grooms the children to take over the family business, if the child has a passion for whatever the business may be. You think Ryan Martin isn't going to have his son racing?

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