Street Outlaws MURDER NOVA Fastest Passes

The Midwest Street Cars ‘Murder Nova’ making laps on Small Tires and NO wheelie bars at the Outlaw Street Car Reunion. Most people will agree, that bitch is way faster than it looks on TV! The amount of work it takes to put this car back on big tires for the filming of Street Outlaws says a lot about the fact the guys are as hard core as it comes and they would be racing their balls off even if they didn’t have a TV Show.


  1. These guys are a lot more than what people think. And you guys(camera crew) are lucky to get to meet them and watch them race. This channel among a few other racing channels is my favorite. Awesome vid guys!

  2. Love, love, both the Murder Nova & the amazing Shawn! Now that he's back to the big tires on the new season, I am concerned about all of the tire shake he's having, that is tearing up the M.N. on each pass. As an old, old, former street racer myself, {'68 Camaro SS 1978-1980} I have a theory that may or may not help Shawn & the crew with this nasty tire shake.
    Sounds crazy, I know, but trust this old lady, a bit of weight on your CG may help a lot! And yes, I do know that the adding of weight to a drag car defies all conventional wisdom, but the physics of the Beast do bear this out to be a possible 'fix'. After all, I DID come off the line w/ that pesky 1st Gen Camaro Unibody w/o twisting the rear end! I also came off the line 'dry' with no prep, which totally threw off my competition….okay, maybe I was playing the 'Dumb Blonde Girl' card a bit. But, I was kind enough to throttle it to the finish line so their fragile male egos weren't damaged too much! Ha!
    And dammit I wish I had a transbrake back in the day! Changed clutch plates like most people change their oil! Ahh the memories. Thanks for another amazing vid of this beautiful beast & the incredible driver behind the wheel Urban Hillbilly Videos!

  3. I love Chevy novas since I was a kid my dad was smashing with me in it with a 454 I have a 70 and 72 I dream to be even half as close to you in the drag keep it up love your car your the man

  4. I do believe if SATAN drove a car this would be the one 👏👏👍👍👍💕❤️👌real badass NOVA long live old school American Muscle 👍

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