Street Outlaws Monza’s WICKED NEW NPK CAR and The Start to NPK Season 5 – No Prep News Episode 130

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  1. Correction, they do have the engine in and some other stuff done on Monza’s car. I was mistaken in saying it’s just the body. Thanks for watching!

  2. Its crazy how Ryan is so fast on the street and NPK. Can someone tell me, seriously asking, why he is so much faster than everyone else.? Why don't people just copy his set up?

  3. Hey keep up the good work, question for you and the rest of the community.
    When No Prep racing started getting national attention/popularity Birdman was the king of no prep racing and was feared, but loved and praised.
    How come Ryan Martin who is now the king of no prep, get so much hate/shade his way?
    He works hard, test his but off and seems like a good guy from this side of TV, so why do you think he gets so much disrespect?

  4. Extra note, Ryan has do his best early in the season, cause towards the middle of the season there is a 3 or 4 track run where they run at higher elevations making hard on blower cars and more advantageous for nitrous.
    These are the tracks we say lizzy go 3 and 2 in row the past 2 seasons.

  5. Man be honest with you that car should have all ready been done they've had plenty of time to complete that car it was started back in November…i dont know wear your getting your info Monza is not painting that car white he has said in multiple videos tgat it will be the opposite of his camaro so it will be that grey tbgg at his stripes are on the Camaro and will have black center stripes.

  6. From wat i saw it looked like Dave drove around him by a bumper but I'm sure they got the tape so stuff happens any how it was a great race I'm glad Ryan won keeps the 405 on top…….

  7. Maybe the extra weight is giving Ryan the advantage of turning up the tune even higher than last year be interesting to see how long that engine makes it before being changed????

  8. Everyone got lucky when Lutz bump in button went bad in the first round. He bumped pass the starting line. Went on to win big tire outlaws. And was running the fastest passes all weekend.

  9. Thanks for the NPK info . I had a feeling Ryan Martin would win the first race . Him and his team just got there shit together lol. Everyone else is scrambling last minute. I think he will have his full for the points this year .

  10. Just imagine if Ryan martin doesn't lose a race this year, what the rules will be like next year lol. We'll probably see Ryan next year with a 900" nitrous motor lol.

  11. Hey Sim someone you didn't mention is Stinky Pinky ,he seemed to be the only one that kept up with Ryan Martin. His new car will be definitely a threat. I'm betting that Disco Deen will get an even win this year… TTVE

  12. Why is Monza even racing anymore. Ya, he did good on OKC shootout for the America's list. But that was on a good surface and the rest of the 405 pretty much sucked – so Monza didn't suck as much. Now, as expected in America's list he's on the bottom of the list as expected.

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