Street Outlaws Memphis Wreck – Street Race Talk Episode 180

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  1. I swear I love Memphis I live a 150 miles from Memphis in Kentucky an the can't drive every time I here about them something is broke or wrecked I love those guys an girls but they can't drive.

  2. Hello Sim another good episode I agree that the wing looks stupid and I think a real street car is the car you can take out on Saturday night Drive a hundred miles hang out with somebody's do some racing til the sun comes up and then drive home and that's a good street car and on JJ the boss he is a body man so he probably has a stockpile of Chevy II parts have a good one and can't wait for the car show video your buddy from Vancouver Canada

  3. I agree. Seeing the times would make the show more interesting, so we can see how close the race was. The reaction time would be cool also.

  4. HPP Racing are definitely the Big Dog on the TURBO porch. Have been following them for awhile now. The Street Outlaw cars aren't the only Killer cars they are producing. Check their social media out. Its impressive.
    And WTF Ryan Martin, that spoiler is downright freaking UGLY. My favorite car too. Damn!!!!!

  5. Got to say J.J. probably has his own little junk yard. With all the spare parts he needs. I hope that he's doing all he can to keep those girls safe as possible. Dont want anyone to get hurt.

  6. Your not going to see the times at no prep for one reason. 90 percent of those guys are grudge racers at heart and they will never advertise how fast they are.

  7. Well here ya go bud, I'm going to chime in. I took the picture that you are using and yup the quarter panel and front clip was replaced after our race in Idaho. The shutdown area just wasn't enough for Tricia to get stopped on that run. There was no ditch, just the perimeter fence which she did get tangled up in. There was no chassis damage just the front end and quarter panel. This ain't a case of sponsors, this is commitment and the love to race. Team MSO has a family/ friend network that, like the local body shop that accomplished this miracle, that were working on customer cars when I dropped off new headlights for Heifer and then worked all night (several nights) plus to get her ready for the race that you see in the picture. You seem to have balanced commentary about the outlaws and I won't comment much but do watch as many of the YouTube channels as I can just to see what's out there. Much Love and Respect to the fans of MSO.

    Mr. Mark

  8. I wouldn’t hype up HPP, they build some nice setups but none of their customer cars are number one on the list or winning NPK events.

  9. Hey Sum. Congratulations on graduation from HS. I think you should start an other channel called Sim's Adventures. You could put the Monday and Wednesday. Just a thought.

  10. Sim, the wing that Ryan has, has to be for the track only. There is no way it would do much on the street.
    I agree with you with what is a street car. The old Crow and Murder Nova etc was "street driven cars". At some point the cars became street driven cars to race cars driven on the road. The type car we are talking about is the True Street car class. They make a 20 to 30 miles trip before they race down the track.

  11. Only if this guy would keep his opinions to himself they are like assholes everybody has one you might get more subscribers only if you kept your opinions to yourself

  12. I am with you on what a street car is. Something you can drive to work during the week and race it on the weekend. Like betsy, once you get her where she's supposed to be, you'll be able to drive her daily and race her whenever you want. What gets me is people say street outlaws claim they're racing street cars… when in fact if you'll listen to the beginning when chief is talking, he clearly says fastest street "RACED" cars on the planet… he never claims they are actually street cars you can drive to sonic and back lol

  13. I personally don't care if they show the times, just the win lite is fine.
    As for what is a streetcar. I think it should be a all steel body. full interior, factory suspension, all the lights work, it should be able drive anywhere. I trailer my car to the track just because I push it harder there and if I brake I want to get it home. Otherwise drive it..

  14. yes i agree with you on the topic of the street car racing…they're crews spend hours if not days prepping them cars back and fourth street and track….. there should be a change

  15. No matter how big a tire or motor if it has wipers glass and tags its a street car that can be driven anytime no matter how fast

  16. I drive my car to Kroger once a week to buy groceries. To race take side pipes off if it's serious grumpy race…ha ha ha. I do run 116 octane and have handicap tag!! Also dual stage 3 NOS, stroker big block Chevy in a old 78 Corvette with full cage. But it's a fun drive for burger or doctor appointment car. Gets about 2 miles a gallon gives alot of fun! P.S. Are you Jeff Gordon son…👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  17. I think your misunderstanding what the street outlaws show says….. Its a street raced car, not a street car. Those cars are as far away from street cars as they can be but I still enjoy the show

  18. If you drive it to the race then drive it home after the race it's a street car. Farm Truck is the only street car on the show.

  19. Ryan and the fireball crew put that wing on there to test out a specific setup it's not permanent and it's most definitely ugly but it's for a test on something… still my favorite racer, crew and car

  20. If it has ac it's a street car if it has real seats with interior it's a street car if the windows go up and down it's a……. street cars nough said

  21. Memphis cant drive either those poor cars wreck more than race in that picture it does look like heifer bc its also in between heavy and zip

  22. They dont put times on the boards bc it's more of a no time style class. I agree it would be nice to see them but I know Reaper thinks the boards should be on, he even had them turn on the boards at lights out even though it was extreme no time class.

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