Street Outlaws Memphis – Street Race Talk Episode 108

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  1. I believe that with the O.G. 405 help the Memphis boys n gals will be a great show!! The Wed. Show with farmtruck and azn made a huge move to promote their show!!! JJ has turned down the hardcore down a bit which has made many like him a lot more!! He is real, Chief and Shawn have been their to give JJ the success to not be the copy of the 405 show and personal (fake ass new Orleans) which gives people a new perspective on some good ole country ASS dudes having fun at what they love!!! I can tell your pumped up for this show to hit the air and I believe so are millions of others!!! Good show SIM…

  2. Hi Sim! It's funny how we were talking a few weeks back about a "405 vs the World" well looks like that what we are going to get at Outlaw Armegedon 2018! Looking forward to street outlaws Memphis, JJ seems to be the REAL deal! What did you think of Chuck being the "race Boss" last week! I think he did a great job!

  3. I really like JJ the boss but am I the only one who thinks he threw these guys together for a show? He say there whole life but all of the home videos are of them in there current cars! JJ was on new Orleans street outlaws twice once with memphis and once with Kansas! The family bullshit is for the show. I'm not being a hater I think it's awesome that they have a show its gonna be great! Does anyone else think it's just JJ hustling us on the lifetime racing together? Where are the old home movies? Why go to new Orleans with 2 different crews, if there a family? It's just an observation lmk what u think

  4. Good vid. Possibly staged when carp drove around that guy. I don’t see how he could chance that unless it was planned. Maybe not. We will never know. Check my vids if you get a chance

  5. I like how Street Outlaws Memphis when over all their people and showed you the driver a little about the car, very well done.
    I think the show will go over very well because they have cars that are more real street which people can relate to.
    JJ stirs the pot with all his crazy rules that are very different from how everyone else runs a race.
    Even when Memphis is out of Town they still get some of the crazy rule they like into the race.
    The Memphis streets they race on look a little narrow but that could just be me.

  6. I agree that JJ loves street races. But don't underestimate the hustle my friend. JJ and the rest they get paid for being on the show. Its not much. I bet JJ gets a bigger pay then the rest. Plus with rhe added expose they can sell more merchandise. Just saying its about the "Hustle" and family with JJ

  7. I messaged back and forth with JJ or Midget whoever runs his Facebook. Right before they were going to see about getting a show. He asked my opinion as a fan and respond back and forth. First class dude right there . Also him talking to chief first was real as hell. Not trying to steal the 405's thing about being the fastest. Told me he wanted to make it about them all being like a family and the hustle that goes with racing. He didn't take a bunch of no-prep guys from the track and 5 states , jump on tv and steal the 405's gimmick. Like a BOSS he kept it 100 and they did them. How can that not be great!!!

  8. Any body believes 1949 chevy truck weights 4900 lbs .real it weighted 2650 to 2900 lbs stock .so your a drag racer adding weight on a light truck stock .

  9. Kamikaze won't be as loud….turbos act like mufflers almost. But when tgose wastegate open, I am sure it will scream. Love how they did the exhaust with wastegate exhaust attatched

  10. My wife and I got a chance to meet JJ and his crew and hang out with them for a couple nights in Vegas on the street. Great group of cats. My wife did not like him prior to that afterwards totally different story. She even got pictures with JJ, Precious Bryan Brit and Mustang Mike. They even helped us push our broken junk back up on the trailer. They broke the zip tie Nova and ole Heavy was having issues so we offered whatever parts the thought they needed off from one of our cars to get them back racin. Says a lot considering we had just met them. Hope their show goes over huge. Good things need to happen to good people.

  11. I like the show, but they race a TON of ducks. And the few cars that can outrun them they make sure to always leave first and make it "chace is a race". Not necessarily hating on it.. I just hope to see a few more competitive cars thats all. 10x better than nola ever was

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