Street Outlaws Memphis Season Premier – Street Race Talk Episode 148

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  1. I feel street car is a broad term. People say street legal but that takes out a lot of modifying. I really think making them true steel body and vin tag number will take out a lot of arguing.

  2. It seems like our argument is really over whether or not it's a daily drivable car. Streetcar means that it's a real car that you can legally drive on public roads. That does not mean that it has to be a daily driver that you can drive it a hundred miles a day and to and from getting groceries and soccer games and all that other stuff

  3. My thought on streets car.. no cage, no altered wheelbase, no chutes, full interior. Should be able to wheel in for local vehicle inspection. Don’t sound near as fun and it’s not going to have a draw like it does now but it’s like the daily driver race idk what hp is on any those cars but you can get crazy with power just a gamble with safety but also like I had said when key Kelly quit last season when you sign on for rules and you don’t follow those rules you pay the price like in a dq, nothing against kye. Not a fan of his but don’t take away form what he has done, he’s fast as hell and hard to beat. Rules for whatever just need to be better spelled out and strictly enforced. Just my opinion

  4. SIM your the man, you cover so much with no stumbling on your words. U were cut out for these videos. GREAT JOB SIM, thanks a lot sir, much appreciated

  5. Good video. Glad Lutz won. Good show about JJ and his life story.Hate to hear Reaper leaving the shows. Some of street cars have been modified so much it’s hard to say they are street legal.

  6. I wonder how many other people are out there with JJ's story and are immediately written off as "Thugs", "Criminals", "Convicts", "Drug Dealer", "Trash" etc…..

  7. Hi Sim! I must say that I really enjoyed the bio episode on JJ the Boss and kudos to Discovery for doing it! It was a great story of the man and how the Memphis SO came to be! I will be looking forward to this seasons M S O!!!! The 405 has just about lost me with all the bickering and there "LIST" BS! Just Fu*king RACE!

  8. I'm glad because if you are going to call it street outlaws no prep Kings then it needs to be like the list only real back half cars only cheif and Shawn said that a long time ago

  9. Jj and his crew is a bunch of bitches! Can't win a race without cheating! Wtf? Really race is a chase! Haven't seen them win one without cheating. Hell if I was racing them. Would just sit there. Cause 9 times out of 10 they will cheat you ! And if you look he nods his head to his boys when to go. Tennessee bitches. Get real you hillbilly fucks!

  10. I think of street cars more along the lines of the cars that they had on the “ daily drivers episode” of street outlaws. I would like to see a show, showcasing cars more obtainable to the average joes. No cars over 1000hp and under $30k. I’d like to see the ingenuity of homebuilders building on a budget.

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